Australian Vaccination Network continues to register deceptive names.

The Australian Vaccination Network an anti-vaccination organisation was ordered to change its name more than a year ago to something less deceptive. After delaying compliance for as long as possible they eventually tried to register Australian Vaccination Sceptics Network but thanks to a speedy source I learned of this attempt to adopt a new inappropriate name and registered the name myself as seen in this previous post.

On January 4th the AVN embarked on a childish vendetta and have gone ahead and registered "Australian Vaccination-Sceptics Network" an identical business name to mine. Except they have added a hyphen between the words "Vaccination" and "Sceptic" as a way of exploiting ASICs automated registration process.

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As you can see in the image the Australian Vaccination Network has also registered "Australian Skeptics Network" this isn't the first time that Meryl Dorey has made attempts to steal the name of Australian Skeptics Inc. I wrote about their last attempt here. The battle to force the AVN to comply with the law is ongoing.


50 Suitable names for the AVN

Yesterday I put out a call for members of the public to help build a list of acceptable names for the Australian Vaccination Network.

In a single day we managed to create a list of 50 suitable names for the AVN to adopt.

Dear Australian Vaccination Network

I writing to you in order to offer some assistance in coming up with a new name. On the 24th of December my investigators notified me that you had attempted to register the name “Australian Vaccination Sceptics Network” with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission. Since it is unacceptable for you to adopt such a misleading name I saw fit to register it myself. As you can see online at: 

So as an act of good faith I have asked your critics to help compile a list of names that we feel would be more appropriate for your organisation. Mine is #1, the rest have been added by members of the public.

1. Australian Society for the Spreading of Vaccine Preventable Disease
2. People Against Evidence Based Preventative Medicine, Inc
3. Friends of Pseudoscience in Medicine
4. People For Preventable Diseases
5. Friends of Infant Mortality
6. Biohazard Advocacy Network
7. we like to watch your kids die horribly from something preventable
8. The Malthus Society of Australia
9. The Society for the Preservation of Infectious Diseases
10. People Against Truth in Healthcare
11. Friends of Meningitis
12. Australian immunisation Denial Society (AIDS)
13. Mates of Mumps, Inc
14. The Society for Letting Children Get Sick
15. Bangalow Baby Killers Inc
16. I Can't Believe it's Not Homeopathy
17. People for Pathogens
18. DOUCHES - Department of Ultra Contrived Holistic Energy Services
19. Cough Bullshit Cough
20. Australians for the unethical treatment of children
21. Derek Zooland Centre For Kids Having Dumb Parents
22. Stop the Stop the AVN.
23. Australian Coalition for the Denial of Vaccine Efficacy
24. The Official Andrew Wakefield Fan Club
25. Aardvark - Australians Against Rational Discussion of Vaccines And Related Knowledge
26. M.U.M. Morons Under Meryl
27. G.L.U.M. Greggles Labouring Under Misconceptions
28. Greggles Labouring Under Mepryl
29. Liberal Australians Maming Everyone – LAME
30. Australian Sociopath Society Eradicating Science – ASSES
31. Childish Holistic Entrepenerus Entertaining Skeptics Everyday, Deliberately Instigating Child Killing & Stupidity – CHEESEDICKS
32. Anti vaccination network
33. Douchenozle – Decidedly Overrated Unscientific Conceited Hombres Enthusiastically NoticingOverbearing Zealots Lying Entirely
34. Aussie Virus Nutters
35. Centre for Unethical Negativity Towards Science
36. Centre for Natural Population Control
37. Mums for Measles
38. The Natural Selection Advocacy Society of Australia
39. Anti Vaccination Nutbags
40. Advocates for vicious nonsense
41. The Dunning-Kruger Society for Vaccine Denial
42. Australian Vaccine Misinformation Network
43. Parents for polio
44. The Polio Appreciation Society
45. Advocates for iron lungs
46. People Against Effective Healthcare
47. Friends of Endangered Microbes
48. People Imitating Medical Practitioners Stupidly (P.I.M.P.S.)
49. Advocates for Darwinism in the Kindergarten
50. CUNT - Community Under No Trust


Any of the above names would be acceptable.


Dan Buzzard 

PO Box 72, Northbridge 6865

-Letter to the AVN

The tracking number for this letter is 509330704010 once the AVN receives this list they will no longer have any excuse for not changing their name. We skeptics are a helpful bunch.


AVN fails to obtain new name.

Anti-vaccination group the Australian Vaccination Network has failed to adopt a new name.

On the 24th of December 2013 sources monitoring the registries at Australian Securities & Investments Commission learnt of an attempt to register the name "Australian Vaccination Sceptics Network" however the registration never left "pending" status before vanishing from the record.

As a precaution I submitted an application for the same name on the off chance that the attempt may have been the AVN trying to hijack the term Skeptic.

We now know that the registration attempt was indeed made by the AVN.

THE Australian Vaccination Network, which promotes the "benefits" of measles and believes vaccines cause autism, has lost its first battle to find a new name. 


The Australian has identified a failed attempt by the organisation to "reserve" the name Australian Vaccination - Sceptics Network with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

In the wake of the failed attempt, other members of the public rushed to register the name as well as Australian Vaccination Skeptics.

Network president Greg Beattie said he "did not care" whether the attempt at a new name provoked more attempts to expose the group as unscientific. "We have reserved the name but we haven't registered it," he said. -The Australian

How can the AVN have "reserved" a name which I now own? Another lie.

Efforts to force the AVN to adopt a non-deceptive name are ongoing.


Anti-vaxxers ramp up censorship campaign.

Supporters of the Australian Vaccination Network have increased their efforts to suppress critics by abusing Facebook's "Report Abuse" feature.

Anti-vaccination activists are well known for their attempts to censor the voices of their critics. Their tactics to silence critics include:

  1. False DMCA reports.
  2. False reporting of critics websites to anti-virus vendors.
  3. Threatening Politicians.
  4. Harassing, abusing, vilifying Grieving Families.
  5. Seeking Court orders to silence their critics.
  6. Abusing Facebooks report feature to get critics banned.
  7. Advocating the use of violence against critics.
  8. Calling their critics terrorists. 

Recently #6 has made a comeback with several critics receiving multiple 12 hour bans from Facebook. Even for mundane comments such as this.

It's clear that these people are simply reporting everything and anything in order to get their critics removed from Facebook. They have even set up a page to brag about their latest censorship campaign.

This is not the first time AVN supporters have engaged in these tactics. I wrote more extensively about their first round of abuse Here. I have no doubt that this abusive organisation will continue to do whatever it can to silence criticism. But rest assured we will all still be here fighting to close the bastards down.


Australian Vaccination Network has a bad week.

Last Wednesday the Australian Vaccination Network sent out a newsletter containing the usual lunacy about government conspiracies. Of course they are right about the conspiracy, a lot of people really are working to have them shut down.

The Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) was originally set up to protect the public from dangerous health practitioners. They were to be an independent overseer that could adjudicate whenever there was a question of someone being harmed by treatments - an all-too common event in Australia. According to their website, they describe themselves as being: "an independent body to deal with complaints about health service providers in NSW."

Yes Meryl, that is precisely why they are working to have you shut down. They have already received the complaints and now they are acting on them.

The HCCC can truly be said to be above the law in NSW. To the best of our knowledge, it is one of only two bodies in the country which are not subject to subpoena (a court order to produce documentation) or Freedom of Information (called GIPA in NSW) claims. The other organisation is the Australian Crimes Commission. These exemptions mean that the HCCC is able to operate in secret should they wish to do so.

Without even Googling I can confirm that ACMA, ASD and ASIO are also exempt from Freedom of Information requests. Even departments without exemption still have the right to refuse disclosure of sensitive information. But of course in loon-town that means it must be some massive government conspiracy.

But these powers were obviously not enough because after 2012, it appealed to the NSW Parliament for a virtual blank cheque to  investigate, cite and punish the AVN and any other organisation or individual who goes against government health policy. Now, not only can they choose to investigate any complaint from anyone about our group or others, even if they have never dealt with or been harmed in any way by these organisations or individuals - the HCCC can also file their own complaints and then, investigate and adjudicate them. Judge, jury and executioner - that is the power Parliament granted to the HCCC - all to 'get' the AVN.

The police don't have to receive any complaint in order to arrest a person for breaking the law. Imagine how stupid it would be if the police could only arrest a lawbreaker after someone lodged an official complaint. Of course stupid is the AVNs way of thinking.

Then on Friday the AVN sent out another newsletter. To sell office equipment:

In addition, I am just getting photos done now but just giving you a head's up that we will be selling off filing cabinets, computers and other office equipment. If you are in the market for some really good quality gear at a great price, please keep your eyes open and wait for our next newsletter. 

When a company starts getting rid of it's office furniture it usually means one thing. So this is a very promising newsletter. Immediately following was the reason for the sale.

The long-awaited decision of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal (ADT) will be handed down on Monday, November 25th in Sydney. As you probably remember, the Department of Fair Trading via the Minister for Fair Trading has demanded that the Australian Vaccination Network change its name. We have appealed against that decision and will hear the result of that appeal next week.

It seems strange that a furniture sale should come before mention of the court case. But then Meryl Dorey always did make money her number one priority. So to celebrate the AVNs impending doom myself and Peter Bowditch enjoyed a beer in the pub.

I sent the photo to Meryl as a reminder that we haven't forgotten her.

Greetings Ms Dorey,

Myself and Mr Bowditch are drinking beer in your dishonor.  The funds from your unsuccessful AVO appeal are certainly coming in handy at this time so it seems only fitting that we should send you this photo as proof that your money is well spent.

P.S good luck in court tomorrow. 

Your friend,

~Dan Buzzard

We then had to wait until Monday for the decision to be handed down, and it was everything we had hoped for.

The Australian Vaccination Network Inc (AVN) has been directed to change its name. The main reason the Director General of the Department of Finance and Services gave for making that direction was that the name is likely to mislead the public in relation to the nature, objects or functions of AVN. The Director General found that AVN's message is anti-vaccination and that the name does not reflect that message. Two other reasons the Director General relied on were that the name is "undesirable" and that it suggests a connection with the Commonwealth government.

AVN applied to the Tribunal for a review of that decision. I have decided that the decision to direct AVN to adopt a new name is the correct and preferable decision. But my conclusion is not based on a finding that AVN's message is exclusively anti-vaccination, that the name suggests a connection with the Commonwealth government or that the name itself is undesirable.

AVN's main object is the dissemination of information and opinions that highlight the risks of vaccinations. AVN is sceptical about vaccinations. The existing name, Australian Vaccination Network Inc, suggests that the association is pro vaccination or, at least, is committed to providing comprehensive information and opinions about the pros and cons of vaccination. The name should be changed so that it is not likely to mislead the public in relation to its main object. Although I do not have to decide this issue, a name that includes the word "risk" or "sceptic" such as Vaccination Risk Awareness Association Inc or Vaccination Sceptics Network Inc would, in my opinion, be acceptable. The name could also include the word "Australia" or "Australian" without suggesting a link to government.

<Redacted: check link for full text.>

In my view, to be acceptable, the name should reflect AVN's scepticism about vaccinations. Although I do not have to decide this issue, and my opinion is not binding, a name that includes the word "risk" or "sceptic" and vaccine or vaccination would be acceptable. Examples include Vaccination Risk Awareness Association Inc or Vaccine Sceptics Network Inc. Other combinations of those words would, in my opinion, be acceptable. The name could also include the word "Australia" or "Australian" without suggesting a link to the Commonwealth government. Of course, these are not the only names that may be acceptable.

Order: The decision of the Director General, Department of Finance and Services to direct Australian Vaccination Network Inc to adopt a new name is affirmed.

-Administrative Decisions Tribunal New South Wales


THE Australian Vaccination Network has again been ordered to change its misleading name after it yesterday lost an appeal in the Administrative Decisions Tribunal.

The original action was brought against the AVN in January by the Department of Fair Trading, which issued a directive to the AVN to change its name "because it had the potential to mislead the public". The ADT upheld NSW Fair Trading's direction.

Magistrate Nancy Hennessy found the name suggested the ''association is pro-vaccination or, at least, is committed to providing comprehensive information and opinions about the pros and cons''.

''The name should be changed so it is not likely to mislead the public in relation to its main object," Ms Hennessy said. -Daily Telegraph

This has been a bad week for the AVN.