Hello, welcome to my blog of science and skepticism. This is where I write my opinions and observations in the world of Science, Technology and Pseudo-science.  First I think it’s important to clear up the misconception about what a Skeptic is because all too often the word is Hijacked by people who would more accurately be described as “Deniers” rather than Skeptics. For example so called “Climate Skeptics” are nothing more than Deniers, except they want to call themselves “Skeptics” in order to give themselves scientific credibility.

Skeptic (n) One who applies critical thinking and scientific method to the examination of knowledge, perceptions and beliefs.

Watch this video on critical thinking.

One of the things that most annoys me on the Internet is deliberate misrepresentation of scientific data in order to push an agenda. Claims that don’t standup to scientific rigour fall into the category of Pseudo-science; also known as bullshit. Unfortunately people who make pseudo-scientific claims sometimes do a lot of damage and need to be called out on it.

Unfortunately the Internet has enabled purveyors of Pseudo-science to reach a new audience one that is not so well equipped to evaluate the evidence of scientific claims, the general public. While the scientific community is capable of weeding out the bullshit the average person on the street (or Internet) often doesn’t have the required knowledge to know when they are being lied to by a charlatan.

So it is important for skeptical bloggers to examine and refute these claims, whether it be fake miracle cures, climate change denial, environmental alarmism (think Nuclear Power) or Religious Ideology. If it doesn’t stand up to scientific scrutiny it’s probabbly bullshit, and I’ll probabbly blog about it.


This is a Blog

This website is a blog. It is my own opinion on things that I think about based on reasonable examination and I always include reference to what I am commenting on. If you don’t like what I have to say then that’s simply unfortunate. I don’t remove content just because you’re offended or disagree with me. I have found that most people who take issue with me are the people who have been exposed and criticised for peddling misinformation, often for financial gain. i.e fraud.



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