Stephanie Messenger makes me sick.

One of the downsides of following issues of science denialism is that you often have to encounter the very worst of our society. There are allot of unpleasant characters out there who take advantage of people either for some quick cash or to back an ideology.

Stephanie Messenger is one such individual. She has written a book titled Melanie’s Marvellous Measles where she glorifies childhood disease. To make matters worse the book is intended for children, to tell them that disease is a good thing.

This book takes children aged 4 – 10 years on a journey of discovering about the ineffectiveness of vaccinations, while teaching them to embrace childhood disease, heal if they get a disease, and build their immune systems naturally. Book Description

Meanwhile the World Health Organisation has this to say about Measles:

Measles is a highly contagious, serious disease caused by a virus. In 1980, before widespread vaccination, measles caused an estimated 2.6 million deaths each year.

It remains one of the leading causes of death among young children globally, despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine. An estimated 164 000 people died from measles in 2008 – mostly children under the age of five. World Health Organisation

Yet, people like Stephanie Messenger openly advocate Measles for children. Messenger is not a doctor, knows nothing of medicine and yet she tells children that disease is good for them. Contrary to the overwhelming consensus of the medical community.

Stephanie Messenger is an inhumane child disease advocate. It is sickening that people like her exist, but unfortunately they do and those of us who see these people with their true colours have a moral obligation to shine the spotlight on them.

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  1. reasonablehank

    And Meryl Dorey is now selling this execrable piece of disease advocacy in her online shop. There is nothing these people will not do for ideology.

  2. sister susan

    Dan have just come accross your post on Stephanie Messenger. You are so right about her. I should know. I was once her sister. She did not lose her baby to vaccination, I was there. He had a genetic disease passed on from his father.Her first husband. 1of 3. I stayed out of her life untill she wrote that book and posted it on my facebook. Melanie is actually my daughters name and I have been told that my other daughter Sarah is mentioned as well. I have not read the book but feel most upset as both my girls were immunised with no problems as was her baby. Remember I was there. She has for many years tried to alienate me from other family because she knows that unlike others who let her live this lie and make money from it,she knows I will stand up and tell the real story.

  3. Dan

    Please do not misconstrue this comment as in any way supportive of anti-vax…
    However, while you do mention that "An estimated 164 000 people died from measles in 2008 – mostly children under the age of five." You do Not go further into their statistical analysis and quote that "More than 95% of measles deaths occur in low-income countries with weak health infrastructures."

    I am a father of 3 healthy boys who have been vaccinated (all but flu, as that is fairly ludicrous imho).

    I do have a problem with the studies which accompany actual vaccinations. Although anectodal, my evidence is composed of objective observations based on our own children and the responses of (American) health professionals in two separate local Health systems (one a university system, the other a municipality):
    When our children developed a reaction to said vaccines, we were never given a form, nor was any health organization informed, Nor were we informed that it was our responsibility to report said reactions, and we were routinely (5 out of 6 times) told it was most likely "something going around" even though symptoms were developing along with swelling at the vaccination site, etc.
    Again, I do not propose the rampant release of diseases into our population which have apparently been taken down via vaccination programs, but I do call into question any blind faith based on statistics given by Any agency whose primary purpose is unknown, and whose data collection methodologies are shabby at best.
    If vaccination is to be proven safe and effective, should not All cases of reaction be monitored and should not all health professionals be trained to inform and report such data?
    (Bit of a ramble, but I am skeptical of many skeptics whose faith appears as blind as those who doubt the science behind such things…)

  4. Cat

    I have a client who child was very behind developmentally. At the age of two he was unable to walk or talk. He then contracted measles, his mother let the disease run its course. Afterwards, he walked, talked and was the happiest I'd ever seen him. Doctors who had been doing numerous tests on him were stunned that he was suddenly able to walk/talk after measles.
    So rather than completely slandering this woman who has obviously been through a terrible ordeal- maybe we should sit up and take notice.
    We seem to forget that we were being told smoking was good for us 40years ago! Now the message is very different!

    1. Sanam

      Could you tell me what medical journal that case study was written up in. Those sort of cases are always written up & it would be interesting to read the medical summation of the case.

  5. Dan Buzzard

    Stephanie Messenger publicly advocates one of the cruelest forms of child abuse. It's hardly slander to publicly expose what she's attempting to do. Children who survive measles are the lucky minority.

    "We seem to forget that we were being told smoking was good for us 40years ago! Now the message is very different!"

    Much like smoking we now have a better understanding of the harm that Measles can do.

  6. Tone

    I am a nurse who has worked with some of the most severely developmentally disabled children in our society. When reading their notes it quickly becomes obvious that a large percentage of the most seriously disabled children have one cause of their disability in common – measles/encephalitis! A combination of these diseases halts the childs developement immediately and leaves them at the intelectual stage of about a 12 month old baby. People like Stephanie Messenger advocate for the worst form of child abuse- the loss of their future. Shame on you Stephanie Messenger, you put our children in danger for your own STUPID agenda. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!

  7. Bill

    This disclaimer from her web site says it all:

    ©Stephanie Messenger 2010


    The information presented on this website is for your information only. It is not a substitute for professional health advice. It may not represent your true individual health situation. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting a qualified health care provider. Please consult your health care provider if you have any questions or concerns

  8. C.Wilson

    I applaud this Lady. More children die from being Vaccinated than from the measles its self it’s about time people realize Vaccination Kills , Sid’s, Coma, Retardation, Adhd, Autism the list goes on so get real people get educated and get the facts. My child was a statistic I never immunised again and all my kids now grown up are very healthy they have had the measles and the chicken pox naturally. My older daughter went against what I taught her about immunisation and she now has an Autistic child she won’t immunise again. Talk to mothers who have kids that have died are retarded and now have mental illness from being vaccinated these children were happy and healthy prior. They say they want to get tougher and keep non vaccinated kids from school well keep you’re vaccinated out of control mental ill child away from school so they can stop harming my son in the school ground! No you won’t do that though to protect my child. My son recently had chicken pox and guess what the 2 kids in his class that spread it were immunised and they are 2 of the biggest out of control kids I have ever seen their parents hiding behind they Autism and Adhd wonder why? Give me a break! I commend Stephanie Messenger for spreading the word.

  9. Dan Buzzard

    The fact that you believe vaccination is administered directly to the blood stream, as opposed to the muscle tissue only shows how utterly clueless you are.

    Like any typical anti-vaxxer you simply made all that stuff up. Nice try, but no one believes your lies.

  10. scott ferguson

    It is my fervent wish that all you misty mountain top, mung bean munching, Goddess worshipping Anti Vaxers would find a magic kingdom in a far away land and live together in bliss and smug contentment. Then ring- a- ring of rosies a pocket full of posies, a- tissue! a-tissue! you ALL FALL DOWN.
    There, I feel better now…..

  11. Edward Hausstock

    Can’t speak for others but for my own health I can’t get the flu vaccine because it puts me in hospital. The nurses sympathize with me saying they see this (adverse reactions to the flu vaccine) a lot in babies and children and the elderly.The doctors are dismissive and will not discuss this thank God my own GP is supportive and says “no more flu vaccine for you some people can’t take it”.
    interestingly one of the ladies I work with also gets hospitalized after the flu vaccine is injected into her-only once for her and no more, me I still had it a few times because of bullying from pro-vaccinators- nearly dying the last time (the pro-vaccinators blamed everything but the vaccine).
    The lady I work with and myself don’t touch this Frankenstein chemical mix. The rest of you pro-vaccinators I respect your inalienable right to free choice; knock yourselves out on vaccines, I already have made my decision to save my life.


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