The left abandoned free-speech.

The left-wing of the political spectrum no longer believes in the fundamental right to freedom of speech or civil discourse, nor does it tolerate differences of opinion. The left has become fascist and authoritarian in nature. But it wasn’t always like this, just five years ago things were very different.

In order to fully understand the change that took place we have to go back to 2010 and 2012 to a par of conferences titled “The Global Atheist Convention: The Rise of Atheism” (2010) and “The Global Atheist Convention: A Celebration of Reason” (2012) both run by The Atheist Foundation of Australia.

Needless to say both events attracted controversy from religious conservatives who view any criticism of their ideology as “hate speech” and an “attack” on morality. In the world of a deeply religious conservative nobody can challenge the authority of a magic sky fairy so it comes as no surprise that atheist websites have come under denial of service attacks as the perpetually offended attempt to silence their opponents.

It was only 10 years ago that The Australian Government attempted to introduce a “cleanfeed” mandatory internet censorship similar to that used in China as a way of ensuring the population can only access approved speech.  This was of course widely supported by religious organisations at the time, and strongly opposed by the left of the political spectrum on the ground that “offensive speech” is Free Speech and simply offending another persons sensitivities was not sufficient grounds to suppress speech.

It’s been said that the best antidote to bad speech is more speech, not less. This is an idea that appears to have become lost on the left side of politics in recent years. Now the left-wing of the political spectrum will not hesitate to attack any service provider that dares stand up for the freedom of speech.

Recently the social media platform was shutdown by its hosting provider as a result of the actions of one of its users.

A Twitter-rival used by the man accused of a gun attack on a US synagogue has gone offline after several technology services withdrew support from it.

Gab describes itself as a defender of “free speech and expression” with nearly 800,000 users.

It has faced criticism in the past for providing an outlet for far-right figureheads and conspiracy theorists banned from other social networks.

The service has said it has “zero tolerance” for terrorism and violence.

It has, however, acknowledged that a verified account whose details matched those of the alleged Tree of Life Synagogue shooter had been active on its service. BBC

Although had no involvement in the crime and explicitly disavows violence and terrorism they were still punished for the actions of one of their users and have been continuously slandered by in the media.

After being offline for a few days is now back online after finding a service provider that respects freedom of speech.

For those not familiar with the case,’s ability to operate was abruptly terminated by Godaddy, among other vendors, who deemed Gab to have violated their terms of service. This de-platforming of Gab generated much discussion in the mainstream technology press. It also prompted a lively discussion in the professional domain name community, including at the popular discussion board NamePros.

As the news broke, and as some elements in the mainstream media rendered their judgement, I embarked on my own search for truth. Along the way, I did have an opportunity to meet with the Founder of Gab, Andrew Torba, an entrepreneur who was willing to swim against the tide for what he believes is right, namely empowering netizens to discuss openly about matters of mutual interest with limited risk of censorship.

Although, I did not take the decision lightly to accept this domain registration, I look forward to partnering with a young, and once brash, CEO who is courageously doing something that looks useful. As I reflect on my own journey as a truth-seeking tech entrepreneur, I have no doubt that Andrew will continue to develop not only as tech entrepreneur but also as a responsible steward — one that can balance bravado with diplomacy and who tempers courage with humility. –Epik, statement on GAB

However this hasn’t gone down well with authoritarians who seek to punish service providers for taking on a customer who’s users may post unpleasant things onto the platform.

While GAB is being unfairly singled and slandered as a “haven for hate” Twitter, Youtube and Facebook are left untouched by the censors. Here is an example of hatefull speech that can be found on Twitter:

However I don’t see many calls for Twitter to be shut down as a result of what any of it’s users post. In 2014 Elliot Rogers a Youtuber went on a killing spree.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff, Bill Brown, said at a press conference on Saturday the video, posted on YouTube and titled Elliot Rodger’s retribution, “appears to be connected with this crime”.

In the six-minute video, the young man who identifies himself as a student in Santa Barbara, says: “This is my last video, it all has to come to this. Tomorrow I will have my revenge against humanity, against all of you”. –Sydney Morning Herald

Yet, I see no calls for YouTube to be shutdown and no accusations of Google being complicit in this crime. If we society determines that service providers be accountable for the actions of their users, the same rules must eventually be applied to all service providers.

My position has always been that technology is politically neutral. We don’t punish the phone company when someone makes a drug deal over the phone, or the post office when the drugs are shipped via their service. Therefore we should not be seeking to punish service providers for the action of their end users. The inevitable result of punishing a service provider for speech you don’t like is widespread totalitarian censorship of the Internet. Something the left used to oppose.

Censorship is becoming mainstream

Over the years I have frequently called out anti-vaxxers for attempting to suppress and silence people who expose their lies fraud and scams. Harassment is always the weapon of choice for cowards who cannot debate against the arguments of their opponents.

Over the years I’ve seen everything including:

It would take me a very long time to list even a tiny percentage of the suppression techniques that I have witnessed from various cowards over the years. I have noticed that it’s quite common for the suppressor to work in large groups as a way to intimidate those who might resist.

Fortunately my experience with such tactics has been with a small vocal minority whom the public generally despise. Therefore despite the ferocity of these attacks they tend to be contained such that they are unlikely to have significant lasting ramifications for society as a whole. If an anti-vaxxer were to silence one critic, they still have thousands of us including the mainstream media to contend with.

But over the past year I have noticed a worrying trend beginning to emerge whereby it is becoming increasingly common for internet service providers to take it upon themselves to determine what content should or should not be allowed on the Internet.

On Wednesday the service provider Digital Ocean decided to shutdown one of their clients for political reasons after receiving a backlash on social media.

Following the violent far right demonstrations in Charlottesville at the weekend, it has emerged that another two web services companies have terminated their business relationships with the Nazi propaganda website, The Daily Stormer.

The Daily Stormer, which spews racist, gender-based and homophobic hate speech on a daily basis, was used as a platform to help organize a violent white supremacist demonstration in Charlottesville — and, afterwards, to celebrate the killing of anti-fascist protestor Heather Heyer, who died after a far right supporter drove his car into a crowd of counter-protestors. Tech Crunch

I have never had any problems speaking against censorship when anti-vaxxers try to shut down and silence their opponents. Nor did I lack any support when a notorious homeopath threatened to sue me. But this support only exists when I speak against the repugnant trying to silence the good. I am unlikely to receive much support for speaking out against censorship of far-right groups, quite the opposite. It turns out most people support freedom of speech, but only when it is easy.

I’m a supporter of Free Speech. Anyone can claim to be in support of free speech, but most will cave as soon as speech they don’t like comes along. A persons values and integrity can only be tested in adversarial circumstances. Anyone can handle the good times, such as defending speech they happen to agree with. Or their own speech, so long as it doesn’t cost them anything.

Therefore I fully support the right of Nazi’s and other such dickheads to speak their nonsense. Just as I want my rights to criticise, anti-vaxxers, homeopaths, politicians and Nazis to be defended. Yes, there is an argument to be made that Freedom of Speech doesn’t entitle you use another persons platform. I certainly don’t allow other people to post on my blog for example.

However when the service providers of the 21st century are able to decide what platforms we can build we need to consider the possible precedents that are being set. My phone company doesn’t control what I say over the phone, nor does the water utility have a say on what I do with the water.

Today its the least desirable segments of the community being silenced. But anyone who studies history will tell you how easily that can change.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
Martin Niemöller

History repeats itself for anti-vaccination group

Back in December I wrote about how the AVN fraudulently raised $152,203.73 for a “High Court Challenge” and later announced that instead they were going to keep the money. Even going so far as to delete Facebook comments from their own donors who dared to challenge them. (See: AVNs latest fundraising swindle falls apart.)

Unsurprisingly they are now being investigated……. again.

ONE of Australia’s most controversial anti-vaccination groups will be forced to open its books to scrutiny, with the state government launching an ­inquiry into its fundraising activities.
Innovation and Better Regulation Minister Matt Kean has ordered the inquiry into the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network following complaints it may have been seeking donations from the public illegally. Under the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991, individuals or groups seeking donations from the public for charitable purposes may require an authority to raise funds. Daily Telegraph

I have been following the scams and subsequent investigations of the AVN since 2010. Back then I honestly expected that our efforts to hold the AVN accountable would result in the near complete elimination of this organisation sometime in 2011. Unfortunately the battle against this health menace is still ongoing seven years later but at least its been a shitty seven years for the anti-vaccination movement.

I’m not going to try and predict when or if we will ever totally eradicate this menace. However I will predict that this is going to be another bad year for anti-vaccination campaigners. History has already shown us this.

David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe

It seems like there is no end to the number of anti-vaccination fruit-loops trying to get into this country. The latest is David “Avocado” Wolfe who plans to use a taxpayer funded facility to spout his dangerous nonsense, The International Convention Centre.

THE NSW opposition is calling on the state government to intervene to stop a talk being given by noted anti-vaccination proponent David “Avocado” Wolfe in Sydney.

Opposition health spokesman Walt Secord wants the state to attempt to prevent the International Convention Centre from allowing Mr Wolfe to speak on March 3.

Mr Secord has slammed the use of a “taxpayer-funded facility” for such a purpose and is adamant the booking needs to be cancelled. Daily Telegraph

I am hopeful that Wolfe’s tour will end the same way that Sherri Tenpenny’s did and be cancelled before it can even start.

Centrelink answers less than 1 in 300 phone calls.

Anyone who has dealt with Centrelink knows that it’s hardly the most efficient system out there, in fact dealing with Centrelink is one of the worse experiences you’re likely to have with any government department. I never realised just how bad things were until yesterday when I rang them to chase up some student payments.

The first time I rang Centrelink I got the “Line Busy” status. So I tried a second time, and then a third, fourth, fifth and so on. Eventually on the 378th call I was able to connect to the phone service and was automatically placed in a que.

That’s correct 377 of these calls couldn’t even make the connection and it was only after hitting redial for a few hours that I was able to connect, only then could I be placed in a que were I would wait for another 90+ minutes on hold before reaching a human operator.

So in order to contact Centrelink it takes approximately 3 hours and 378 phonecalls to simply connect and be placed on hold then another 90 minutes or so until an operator becomes available. Once you do get the speak to an operator there is a good chance they will put you on hold again while they transfer you to someone who can actually help.

This is beyond a joke, this is a travesty. This is a system that is broken beyond repair and I hate to think what happens to elderly or disabled people in a system that requires this level of absurdity before you can get any help.

Just to top it off this is how Centrelink responds when you complain about being unable to reach them over the phone. These clowns are taking the piss at other peoples expense.

I will be following this up with the Commonwealth Ombudsman and encourage everyone else to do the same.

AVNs latest fundraising swindle falls apart.

The Australian Vaccination Network gave us an unexpected, but very welcomed gift on Christmas Day. At 9pm on the 25th they sent out an email announcing the cancellation of the High Court Challenge and that they were keeping the donated money.

The History of the High Court Challenge is a long one and one of the biggest fundraising scams the AVN has pulled to date. The scheme was hatched last year via the AVNs Newsletter.

The AVN has received initial written advice on fighting No Jab, No Pay, and at present we are seeking a barrister or QC who is able to give us an expanded broad-based advice on the potential for a High Court action to stop these discriminatory and potentially unconstitutional laws.


Again, when we call in the pledges next year, you will be asked to make good on your promise, so please don’t pledge more than you can afford, but if everyone who is receiving this information makes a pledge – no matter how small – we will be a power to be reckoned with.

High Court challenges do not come cheaply, and the total cost could and probably will exceed half a million dollars; but the potential benefits of taking this action are, to quote the MasterCard commercial – priceless.
-AVN Newsletter, 23 December 2015

So the usual patter of promises and begging for money begins. The AVN has been holding dodgy fundraising campaigns for over 20 years, no doubt they expected this one would be business as usual but this one has quite the fall out.

Just keeping you all in the loop, we have some excellent news on the legal front. The AVN has retained the services of a barrister to write a detailed opinion regarding the ways in which No Jab No Pay / No Play can be opposed through the court system. Since No Jab No Pay is Federal legislation, we feel that one of the best ways to oppose it is through a broad-based approach that includes taking a case to the High Court of Australia.


Since it looks like legal action may be impending on this matter, can we please ask that if you have not already pledged, you do so without delay?


Remember, we will not be calling in pledges for sponsorship for this court case unless we are given advice that there are strong legal grounds for opposing the legislation. But if we are given that advice, we will need to initiate proceedings quickly so we will be calling in pledges at that time. -AVN Newsletter, 6th Febuary 2016

In March the AVN began pushing its members to give money under the pretense that legal action against the governments No Jab No Pay legislation was imminent.

AVN Newsletter, 26th March 2016

Finally in June it was announced that the legal team had been finalised and the case was moving forward to the High Court with a fearless band of lawyers..

AVN Newsletter, 9th June 2016

This brings us to the Christmas Day announcement. I don’t know why they sent out a newsletter on Christmas, perhaps it was in the hope that fewer people would be paying attention at this time.

The AVN committee would like to sincerely thank you for your support of our High Court challenge against the tyrannical ‘No Jab, No Pay’ federal legislation.   As you would be aware from previous communications, the AVN received preliminary advice from a barrister in March to the effect that we had potential grounds to mount a challenge to the constitutional validity of ‘No Jab, No Pay’.  On the basis of this advice, we retained a legal firm and invited our members and supporters to sponsor the legal challenge.  Our legal firm then retained the services of a leading SC (Senior Counsel) and barrister in the field of constitutional law and human rights.  SC is the equivalent of Queen’s Counsel (QC).   Unfortunately, having considered every possible avenue to challenge ‘No Jab, No Pay’ – including the possibility of challenging the Immunisation Register legislation – counsel has advised us not to proceed due to the poor chance of success and the high costs of a High Court challenge.  As you may be aware, the Australian Constitution does not guarantee most of the rights and freedoms enjoyed by some other western democracies.  Our constitution relies on the principle of representative democracy, which unfortunately, does not serve well the interests of unpopular minorities.

We were absolutely devastated when we received this advice as we wanted so much to believe that justice still exists in Australia.  Our heart goes out to those parents most affected by this law.  It’s difficult to imagine a more callous and inequitable piece of legislation; legislation which violates various fundamental rights, such as the rights of the child, the right to privacy and bodily autonomy, and the right to work.

However, we do not believe in quitting.  We are fighters who never give up no matter how much the government and vested pharmaceutical interests want us to.  There is simply too much at stake.   This is your fight just as much as it is our fight, so we need your help to decide the best way forward.   At the present time, we have removed the Sponsorship option from our website and shop page. We are also requesting that sponsors cancel any regular internet banking sponsorship that they have set up through their bank unless they would like to continue their support of the AVN. Thanks to their generosity, altogether we raised $152,203.73.  The total cost of the AVN’s advice was $72,526.37.

These are the options as we see them:

  1. We can refund the balance of of each sponsor’s donation returned to them at $0.52 on the dollar (after deducting the costs the AVN paid for legal advice-on a pro-rata basis), which we are more than happy to do.
  2. We could use the donations on several “Plan B” options that we have been discussing with our solicitor. These options include investigating a range of alternative legal avenues by which to introduce much-needed transparency and accountability into Australia’s vaccine program.  Currently, there is none.  Vaccines are being licensed and recommended without sufficient evidence of effectiveness and/or safety.  This needs to change.  Australians are being maimed every year by vaccines which don’t even work.The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which licences vaccines, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) which recommends vaccines, and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) which recommends taxpayer subsidisation of vaccines, need to be held to account once and for all for the harm they cause.  The tort of misfeasance in public office may be one way to go about this.  A far cheaper way would be to lobby our representatives for a Royal Commission into Vaccination.  As you would know, the balance of power shifted in the Senate following the recent federal election, so there may be fresh opportunities in this respect which weren’t available to us last year.
  3. We could also use the donations to start the process of finally bringing together the people who could help start a retrospective fully vaccinated vs fully unvaccinated children’s long term health outcome study. Or help fund the real change that needs to happen in Australia, that is, education of members of the general public, most of whom are blindly following vaccine recommendations out of fear or deference to authority.  To this end, we could bring top international experts to speak in Australia.  We could also purchase advertising around Australia that promotes free and informed consent to vaccination.We also want to hear from you and welcome any other suggestions from our members or sponsors as to how the legal funds could be best utilised.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to share your ideas.

We will never give up this battle! We will not rest until your rights to choose how to prevent and treat an illness as well as your ability to decide how to raise your children (their diet, their education and their health) is guaranteed and protected in this previously great democracy of Australia.   We are the AVN.  We have been here for you for over 22 years and if it is within our power to do so, we will be here for you as long as you need us.   Thank you again for standing with us!

Yours in health,

The AVN National Committee

This is where the fun begins and its the gift that keeps on giving. Over the past few years the anti-vaccination community has become increasingly bitter and divided and the once unquestionable AVN is now being scrutinized by anti-vaxxers. Something that would never have happened a few years ago.

When challenged over the claimed $72k legal expenses the AVN is refusing to answer the questions from their donors.

These comments have since been deleted from the AVNs Facebook page. However the anti-vaxxer infighting continues in other groups, again this type of criticism and in-fighting would not have happened a few years ago.

But that’s not the end of the AVNs trouble over their latest swindle. NSW Fair Trading is back with a new investigation into this sham association.

The Australian newspaper reports that NSW Fair Trading authorities will investigate the Australian Vaccination-sceptics Network (AVSN) for “potential breaches of the Charitable Fundraising Act and the Associations Incorporation Act”.

On Christmas Day, the anti-vaccination group announced that it had called off its High Court attempt to overturn the federal government’s so-called “no jab, no pay” policy.

This means it would shelve the lawsuit after being advised by legal counsel that there was a “poor chance of success” and despite raising $152,000 from supporters to pay costs.

NSW Better Regulation Minister Victor Dominello said the government took the potential breaches “very seriously”, according to The Australian. “NSW Fair Trading will review this matter to assess whether there have been any breaches of relevant legislation and regulations.” Australian Skeptics

Next year should be an interesting one.

Media picks up on anti-vaxxer stalking

Following on from last weeks blog post the media are now starting to reveal the full extent of abuse targeting Peter Tiernan. The man whom myself and many others already stated is not Reasonable Hank. However the anti-vaccination movement has never been one for caring about facts. Last weeks information was sourced directly from the anti-vaxxers Facebook groups. Now the main stream media is getting Peter Tiernan’s side of the story.

tiernan-paper-article-minPETER Tiernan is being bombarded by threatening calls and messages from anti-vaccination activists and fears “one absolute nutter” could attack him or his family.

All because some activists think he is Reasonable Hank, a pro-vaccination blogger who has been enraging the anti-vaxxers for years.

The problem is Mr Tiernan, a 51-year-old physiotherapist who works in the Byron Shire, is not Reasonable Hank and never has been. Jane Hansen, Daily Telegraph

After the revelation that they are targeting the wrong person it might be expected that the harassment might tail off.


However the offenders continue to incite threats and intimidation to be directed at Tiernan and show no remorse for their actions.

The ABC even reveals that they are targeting his children. I already mentioned last week that they were posting photographs of his children. Now it’s revealed that they are trying to contact them.

The activists, who run the Anti-Vaccination Australia Facebook page and the Septic Skeptics website, believe they have unmasked Reasonable Hank whose real name is reported to be Peter Tierney.

However, the activists have mistakenly targeted Peter Tiernan.

Mr Tiernan said the case of mistaken identity began two weeks ago when his wife received a message on Facebook from someone saying “I’d like to talk to you about your husband”.

The person also tried to contact Mr Tiernan, his 14-year-old daughter, some of his friends, and other family members on Facebook. ABC News

A few anti-vaxxers have taken to extortion and blackmail to try and silence Reasonable Hanks whistle blowing activities.

Mr Tiernan said it was the first time he had heard of the blogger, so he began searching for him on Facebook.

He became alarmed when he saw threats against Reasonable Hank being posted online.

“They were sending messages to him using my profile picture from Facebook and saying ‘We know who you are’,” Mr Tiernan said.

“They told him if he didn’t take his blog down they would expose me and my family.”

Mr Tiernan said his daughter’s school had also been named on social media, and photos of him with his family had been taken from his Facebook page and shared by the anti-vaccination campaigners. ABC News

One of the main perpetrators Belgin Colak openly brags about her involvement in the stalking campaign.

Belgin brags on twitter about doxxing

“Time to Join the Fun”

Belgin has book on victims family

“We have a whole book on his family”

She also claims to have a “big fat book of his whole family” suggesting that she has probably spent the past several weeks going through the profiles of her victims family members. This wouldn’t be the first time that anti-vaxxers have targeted, friends, family and employers of their victims if the victim doesn’t give them what they want.

Anti-vaxxers to prove how they stalked.

These people are really so deranged that they are going to provide evidence of how they stalked, menaced and harassed an innocent member of the public. I hope the law will come down hard on them for this one.

More crimminal harassment and stalking by anti-vaxxers.

So anti-vaccination campaigners are on the attack again in full force. This time they are attacking a physiotherapist in NSW by the name of Peter Tiernan. Going so far as to track down his employer and family members.

It would appear that Breana Elizabeth, Belgin Colak and Brett Smith from the Facebook group Anti-vaccine Australia have been stalking him for several months on the assumption that he is the man behind Reasonable Hank.


We give great pleasure in announcing that after several weeks of investigations we have found and located ‘Reasonable Hank’. We urge all of our members who have had any defamation or any personal information collected and posted publicly by him to go and take screenshots NOW as he is aware and they are covering their tracks and the page “things anti-vaxxer say” has already been removed. -Anti-vaccination Australia, 3rd November 2016

The Facebook thread then continues with photographs or Peter and his family members, including his children being distributed among the group. Several commenters have even expressed a desire to visit him at work. With at least one individual seeking his home address.


FacebookID [sapereaude691] effective 03.11.2016

There is normally only one reason that anti-vaccination campaigners seek out their targets address and it’s not the send a Christmas card.

While anti-vaxxers are not shy about committing criminal acts of stalking and harassment against anyone who promotes the benefits of vaccinations. Or anybody who loses a child to vaccine preventable disease. This is the first time that I’m aware of them going after someone who literally has no connection to the fight against vaccine preventable diseases.

Those of us who have had to deal with anti-vaccination thugs for the past few years have become accustomed to hiding certain information about ourselves. However in this case the victim had no reason to ever expect that he would suddenly become the target of such a hostile mob. As a result much of his personal information was readily available on his social media profiles which the anti-vaxxers then raided.

So what has Peter Tiernan done to incur the wrath of the anti-vaccination movement?

Nothing, literally nothing.

All this is because his name just happens to look a little to similar to their desired target.

So no, Hank, in a crafty bit of wordsmanship altered his name from Peter Tiernan to Peter Tierney. Nice one Shank. nudge nudge wink wink. -Brett Smith, 2nd November 2016

I can categorically state that the man being targeted here is not Hank, nor does he have any connection with SAVN. However the anti-vaccination movement is not known for intellect only its vileness and this type of behavior is far too common.

A special shout out to the great detective work of Breana Elizabeth and Belgin Colak who have worked tirelessly over the last few months with me tracking this slime ball’s every move. It’s time for us all to focus on the real enemy here, Bad Pharma, and unite a movement that will need cohesion and unity to defeat the multi billion dollar Pharma machine and their toxic media and political buddies. -Brett Smith, 2nd November 2016

Stalking, menacing and harassing is currently illegal within all states of Australia. So is inciting violence towards another person. It is my hope that the perpetrators of this latest harassment campaign will be dealt with under the law. They are certainly not shy about admitting to their actions.

Increased accountability for medical professionals.

Accountability plays a vital role in Science because without it there can be no consequences for people who spread harmful and misleading information. It’s one of the reasons that peer reviewed papers identify the authors and institute that submitted the paper, and why citing your sources is so important.

So in the medical field where practitioners have the ability to cause direct harm to people it is especially important to hold individuals to account for any advise or information they provide to the public and Reasonable Hank has been doing that for sometime with his excellent Anti-vaccine Nurses and Mid-wives segment.  Where Nurses and Mid-wives who use their medical credentials to spread deceptive health advise on social media are routinely called out.

Now the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia is stepping in to take action:

The NMBA has become aware that there are a small number of registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives who are promoting anti-vaccination statements to patients and the public via social media which contradict the best available scientific evidence. The NMBA is taking this opportunity to make its expectations about providing advice on vaccinations clear to registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives.
Any published anti-vaccination material and/or advice which is false, misleading or deceptive which is being distributed by a registered nurse, enrolled nurse or midwife (including via social media) may also constitute a summary offence under the National Law and could result in prosecution by AHPRA. Nursing and Midwifery Board Australia

Of course the anti-vaccination movement that likes to scream “accountability” for medical professionals has done a complete about-turn (as expected) and is upset by this latest increase in accountability in Australia.

This sentiment might have been acceptable, if it wasn’t coupled with the organization also prompting people to tattle on each other. You see, the board is also urging members of the public to come forward and report nurses and midwives who may be expounding anti-vaccination beliefs. Surely anyone who goes against the grain deserves to be punished? , idiot.

Yes, anybody who “goes against the grain” needs to be punished that’s how professional standards work. It looks like anti-vaxxers are losing again and we will continue holding them to account.

Anti-vaxxers are nothing but losers.

Anti-vaccination campaigners are called plenty names and deservedly so since these are the people responsible for the recent return of many vaccine preventable childhood diseases. But one often overlooked name is “loser!”

Over the past 6 years the Anti-vaccination Movement in Australia have been a movement of losers. It all started back in 2010 with the establishment of the activist group Stop the Australian Vaccination Network which was setup to counter the lies a deceit of the now infamous Australian Vaccination Network (AVN).

Since that time Anti-vaccination Movement in Australia has faced a barrage of never ending failures and setbacks. In just 6 years we’ve seen:

The rapid decline of their leading lobby group
Welfare cuts to anti-vaccine families resulting in improved immunisation rates
The complete derailment of a leading Anti_vaccination tour, before it even started

These are just highlights. It would probably take me all year to list every action taken against the Anti-vaccination Movement. For anyone following the fight against anti-vaxxers saga it will be clear that we are winning and they are the losers.

The latest attack on public health comes in the form of a propaganda film named “Vaxxed”. Which was set to screen at the Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival. Until it was cancelled that is.

A controversial anti-vaccination documentary has been withdrawn from the Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival.

The festival committee says it faced a firestorm of abuse after announcing Vaxxed would be included in the October event, and last night issued a statement because some members felt “personally and professionally threatened’’.

The decision to include the film in the festival drew widespread criticism, including calls from Australia’s peak health association for it to be pulled from the program.

Public Health Association of Australia chief executive Michael Moore said the decision showed a lack of understanding of the impact the film could have on parents.

His sentiments were echoed by Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy, who said it was dangerous to promote a message against vaccination.

“I have no hesitation looking the anti-vaccination movement in the face and condemning what they do as being unsafe, unhelpful and scientifically wrong,” she said. Bendigo Advertiser

This is the latest setback for the anti-vax movement and true to form the victim card is out and being exploited to its fullest potential. Not only has the festival committee failed to substantiate any of the accusations made against their critics. But the accusations are now being repeated by their followers.


They may scream the loudest but the reality is that anti-vaccination is a movement of losers who are unwelcome and unwanted by the Australian Public who do not appreciate the spreading of misinformation into the community.