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NSW Parliment; a safe harbour for paedophiles?

An audit of internet usage has been conducted in the NSW Parliament. The audit has found that members of parliament used their computers to access suspected child pornography.

NSW MPs or their staff have allegedly visited child pornography sites on parliament house computers.

The revelation that nine sites featuring “young people of indeterminate age” were visited comes in an independent report into parliamentary internet use by Ernst & Young.

The report was commissioned by house speaker Richard Torbay and upper house president Amanda Fazio after an unauthorised audit by a parliamentary internet staffer found 35 sites visited between November last year and September this year appeared to contain adult related content. The Australian

After such a finding it is reasonable to expect that a further investigation would be underway followed by some disciplinary action. However such expectations turn out to be wishful thinking.

THE NSW Parliament will not discipline or even identify staff members or MPs who used the parliamentary computer system to access websites that contained ”sexually explicit images of young people”.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Richard Torbay, and the President of the Legislative Council, Amanda Fazio, have declared the matter closed despite confirmation that nine inappropriate websites were accessed.

In a statement yesterday, they confirmed that advice from the Crown Solicitor was that there was ”no legal obligation to refer the information in the report to the NSW Police Force”. The Sydney Morning Herald

So there you have it. If you want to access inappropriate content and be protected, become a member of the New South Whales Parliament. When questionable content is found; no questions asked.

Although the term “Young People” doesn’t specifically mean children. The responsible thing to do would be to pass the matter onto the police. Not cover it up.

Anonymous Script Kiddies are not defending the internet.

If you’re following the WikiLeaks debacle you have no doubt heard of the group being called “Anonymous” although they are more of a phenomenon than an actual group or organisation. Anonymous have been launching Distributed Denial of Service Attacks against Mastercard, PayPal. Dubbed “Operation Payback” this loosely connected band of idiots are attempting to bring down websites and services that have refused to do business with WikiLeaks under the misguided view that they are standing up for Freedom of Speech and ‘Defending the Internet’.

However nothing could be further from the truth because Anonymous have even attempted to bring down Amazon for refusing to host WikiLeaks. Of course with Amazon being one of the largest service providers in the world Anonymous failed miserably, although they still attempted to bring down a service that hosts tens of thousands of servers. Such an attack on so many innocent people is not standing up for Freedom of Speech. Knocking someone’s service provider offline has the same effect as adding them to a government censorship filter; they are silenced.

Amazon has been lined up as the next victim of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack by the group of online vigilantes known as Anonymous, which has already taken down the web sites of MasterCard, Visa and PayPal, as the WikiLeaks controversy continues.

A Twitter update from one of the accounts used by the group, @Op_Payback, read an hour ago: “TARGET: WWW.AMAZON.COM LOCKED ON!!!”. Subsequent updates gave followers instructions on how to turn their computers into part of a mass botnet set to launch the DDoS attack in two hours.

It is unclear whether the attack is in retaliation for the actions of Amazon Web Services last week in booting WikiLeaks off its servers, or due to the appearance on today of the WikiLeaks cables for a £7.37 charge.

I decided to briefly point out this hypocrisy in the IRC channel:

If the screencap is hard to see click here.

I had expected to receive at least some half baked ideology in response to justify the DDoS attacks but instead it seems these Script Kiddies are not interested in discussion.


As I type this the IRC has come to life; they are gearing up for another attack. I will be watching this out of interest but I refuse to assist any of these idiots. Because these morons are not defending the internet. Instead they are crippling it and stamping on the Freedom of Speech that they claim to protect. Despite what the media tell you these are not hackers because all these individuals are doing is abusing the core fundamentals of the Internet. Packets of information are routed indiscriminately to their destination so a DDoS attack requires no expertise to carry out. All you need to do is send traffic to a target and the Internet does the rest.


If like me you support WikiLeaks but condemn Operation Payback and the idiots behind it then say something on Twitter, Comment forms or the Anon-ops IRC (But don’t expect a warm welcome.)


Wikipedia: What is a Denial of Service Attack?


Anon-Ops IRC: Port: 6667 #OperationPayback


#TAMoz Karaoke Night

There were so many great moments at The Amazing Meeting: Australia that it’s going to take me some time to put it all together. But in the meantime I wanted to share this, karaoke with George Harb at the crown hotel.

It’s not related to Skepticism but just shows what a great time we all had. Especially at the pub.