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#ten23 comes to Perth

As many of you may already know Australia is taking part in the Homeopathy ten23 campaign to raise awareness about Homeopathy and the fact that there is nothing in it. Perth Skeptics will be one of seven skeptical groups in Australia taking part.

The plan is to meet in Forest Place by 12pm on Saturday the 5th of Feb. We then plan to hand out a Homeopathic solution containing arsenic to the general public along with a flyer explaining why it is ok to overdose on ANY Homeopathic substance, and why Homeopathy is ineffective and cannot work beyond the placebo effect.

We will also overdose on Homeopathic remedies ourselves to show that there is nothing in them. We did this last year however no one got sick. It’s just sugar after all.

More information on Homeopathy:

Join the Perth Skeptics #ten23 event here: Homeopathy ten23 Perth

Vaccination is the equivalent of child rape.

Vaccination is the equivalent of child rape. At least according to Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network. Just when it seems that the Anti-vaccination crowd couldn’t get more absurd. The AVN and it’s supporters appear to excel in all area’s of stupidity.

A MOTHER has been ordered by the Family Court to have her five-year-old daughter immunised.

The girl’s father, who has remarried and has another child, wanted the girl vaccinated against preventable diseases for her own wellbeing, and for the health of his other children.

But the girl’s mother said her daughter was healthy and the risk of vaccine-preventable diseases was very small.

The couple separated before their daughter was born, and the father initially consented to her not being immunised because, he claims, he was desperate to establish a relationship with his daughter. But the father now wants her vaccinated and produced medical evidence that immunisation provided no unacceptable risks for his daughter. Herald Sun

It’s a good thing the father of this child took the mother to court to get this resolved. It can’t have been easy but at least it is one more life that may now be protected from preventable disease. Parents who refuse to protect their children from disease are unfit to raise kids. It’s ashame the father wasn’t awarded full custody, one step at a time I guess.