Monthly Archives: July 2011

Four disclaimer stickers designed!

These are a little crude and will need some refining. But here are four designs that I have so far. They are to be printed onto stickers and applied to Hotel Room Bibles.

Design #1

This is my favorite and it’s inspired by the following joke image of a disclaimer on a bible. I don’t know if the disclaimer sticker ever really existed or was simply photoshopped into existence, in either case I plan to create the real thing.

Design #2

This is one that was suggested to me.

Design #3

This one is inspired by the warning label I was given at The Amaz!ng Meeting. It’s the one I stuck on the hotel room bible at South Point casino.

Design #4

Design #1 is definitely my favorite and is the one I’ll be putting into print first. However it may be necessary to have multiple designs on hand. So far only #1 is guaranteed to go into production, I think the others have much more room for improvement. Any suggestions for what should go onto a Bible disclaimer are welcome.

Content Warnings for Hotel Bibles

While attending The Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas I encountered the table and they were giving out disclaimer stickers that can be placed on the hotel room bibles. This one reads “Warning: Belief in this book may endanger your life.”

Considering how much content these days needs to have a Content Warning I think it’s only appropriate that this medieval, violent, psychopath worshiping book be given an appropriate content warning.

With the Global Atheist Convention just around the corner next year. I have decided to begin printing my own content warning labels for the Bible. I will be distributingng them for free to anyone who wants them for the hotel room Bible.

 Each sticker will have the address “” at the bottom so that future hotel guests who find the warning can obtain further information about the absurd, violent and primitive nature of the content found in the bible.

The Page/Site at will not be associated with any atheist or activist organisation, nor will it be used to promote any website, blog or individual. This means that the stickers are 100% neutral and are appropriate to be used by anyone and everyone who feels that The Holy Bible should not be exempt from content warnings.