Four disclaimer stickers designed!

These are a little crude and will need some refining. But here are four designs that I have so far. They are to be printed onto stickers and applied to Hotel Room Bibles.

Design #1

This is my favorite and it’s inspired by the following joke image of a disclaimer on a bible. I don’t know if the disclaimer sticker ever really existed or was simply photoshopped into existence, in either case I plan to create the real thing.

Design #2

This is one that was suggested to me.

Design #3

This one is inspired by the warning label I was given at The Amaz!ng Meeting. It’s the one I stuck on the hotel room bible at South Point casino.

Design #4

Design #1 is definitely my favorite and is the one I’ll be putting into print first. However it may be necessary to have multiple designs on hand. So far only #1 is guaranteed to go into production, I think the others have much more room for improvement. Any suggestions for what should go onto a Bible disclaimer are welcome.

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