Anti-vaxxers trouble in court.

Yesterday a blog post appeared on one of the Australian Vaccination Network’s blogs titled: An organisation under siege.

You need to know. Because if you don’t know, how can you ever take action? And you MUST take action! The AVN is not just fighting for its right to exist – it is fighting for your right to make free choices regarding your health and the health of your children. We are doing this with under $3,000 in the bank and we need a quick input of at least $5,000 to pay for legal costs this week alone! Government bodies are trying to stop us from speaking, from publishing and from helping others. We have been advocating for your rights for almost 19 years – can we count on you to oppose these efforts and advocate for us today?

The NSW Department of Fair Trading (DFT), is intent on silencing the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) and anyone else who expresses views that are seen to be critical of current government vaccination policies. They apparently feel that this aim is so important, they can behave in ways that would shock and appal any reasonable person – regardless of that person’s viewpoint on the vaccination issue.

Actually the Department of Fair Trading is insisting that the AVN choose a less deceptive name as the current one is likely to mislead the public about the nature of the organisation. The Department has made it very clear that they want the AVN to choose a name that honestly reflects their anti-vaccination position rather than pretending to be a legitimate source of information.

Since the Australian Vaccination Network cannot grasp the simple concept honesty they keep suggesting names that are equally if not more deceptive than their previous one. Until now only two of their suggestions were known but thanks to a letter disclosed by the AVN I can reveal more names they have tried to apply for:

  • Australin Vaccination (Information) Network
  • Australian Vaccination Information Network
  • Australian Vaccination Information
  • Australian Vaccination Network (for Choice)
  • Australian Vaccination Choice
  • Australian Immunisation Network

 AVN Letter to Fair Trading

As you can see the AVN makes absolutely no attempt at choosing a less deceptive name and trying to suggest “Australian Vaccination Information” is nothing more than a big Fuck You to Fair Trading, and the regulations they are enforcing.

The Australian Vaccination Network considers itself a victim of government and big corporation conspiracies and is not afraid of accusing Fair Trading of corruption.

The ADT Member actually asked the opposing solicitor why there was such a big rush considering that our name had been used for 18-odd years. The only response made was that it was in the public’s interest to make us change our name NOW! Well, if by public he meant the corporate pharmaceutical money machine, he was probably right. 

A government department of, by and for corporate interests

The fact is that one of our government’s key roles is to protect the health and freedom of Australian citizens. In contrast with this goal, however, the policies of some government departments and ministers seem to be to restrict our rights and freedoms. This is demonstrated so clearly by their relentless pursuit of the AVN and others who support health choice.
Can we count on you?
What will it take to get you involved? What rights are you willing to lose before you reach the proverbial final straw?
Will it take the loss of your job because you’ve been forced to be vaccinated? Having your family or children discriminated against because you want to be able to make health choices that may not necessarily be the same as what the government recommends? Being prosecuted for mentioning your own experiences with health treatments because they were not sanctioned by the TGA? When is enough enough?

Again the Department of Fair Trading is simply asking the AVN to choose a non-deceptive name. The AVN chose to take Fair Trading to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal but are now complaining about the process. Fair Trading isn’t a health authority and hasn’t told the AVN that they can’t spread false medical information, only that their name must reflect the nature of their activities.

Today the AVN was ordered by the court to place a consumer warning on it’s website and Facebook page. 

NSW Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts issued a formal order earlier this year that the Australian Vaccination Network change its name or be deregistered.

But the organisation attempted to thwart the minister’s order by appealing in the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal.

Tribunal president, Judge O’Connor, responded to a bid by the AVN to stay proceedings on Friday by placing a number of conditions on the organisation.

A prominent consumer warning must be published on its websites and Facebook page by March 26.

It will state: “NSW Fair Trading has directed the AVN to change its name because it regards the name to be misleading. The AVN is challenging this direction and the challenge is currently before the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal.”

I look forward to seeing things get much worse for the AVN. 2013 is a promising year.

4 thoughts on “Anti-vaxxers trouble in court.

  1. Peter B

    Once again the AVN take the "they are all against us" line, instead of facing the facts. Reality seems a difficult element for these people to understand.

  2. Skeptic Peter

    No one is suggesting vaccinations should be compulsory. It would be great if the anti vaccers could at least use real facts instead if lies and distorted assertions!


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