Australian Vaccination Network investigated for fraud.

Well it didn’t take long for the nations leading anti-vaccination organisation to run into more trouble with the authorities. Now the Australian Vaccination Network is being investigated for consumer fraud as a result of their dodgy financial reports.

Jane Hansen, The Sunday Telegraph

I wrote the following letter to the AVN in January to ask about the questionable finances regarding the Magazine Subscriptions.

I never received any response from the AVN, but I do happen to know that past president Meryl Dorey was very unhappy about this letter. I expect she’ll be even less happy now that Fair Trading is asking the same questions.

A detailed look at the AVN’s magazine scam can be found at Diluted Thinking.

While Ken McLeod’s document: Meryl Dorey’s Trouble with Finance is an excellent introduction to the shifty financial reporting of the AVN.

I expect to see a lot more bad news for the AVN just around the corner. Stay Tuned….

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  1. Matthew Berryman

    Thanks for blogging the news article, and your own letter. For reference, the latest release of documents from Fair Trading, on which the latest Diluted Thinking blogs have been based, is available here.


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