Australian Vaccination Network ordered to change its name.

Australia’s most dangerous charity is soon to lose its deceptively misleading name. The New South Wales department of Fair Trading has made an order that the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) change its name by the 21st of February 2013.

Minister for Fair Trading Anthony Roberts today confirmed a formal order has been issued to the Australian Vaccination Network to change its name on the grounds it is misleading the public.

Mr Roberts said Section 11 of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 provides the Commissioner for Fair Trading may direct an association to adopt a new name, where the name of the association is unacceptable.

“NSW Fair Trading has received complaints that the Australian Vaccination Network’s name is confusing and has misled the public as to its operational intention,” Mr Roberts said.

“The Commissioner for Fair Trading, Rod Stowe, has therefore written to the Australian Vaccination Network, directing the association to change its name.”

The Australian Vaccination Network is required to lodge an application for registration of a new name by 21 February, 2013. NSW Fair Trading

You can read the letter that was hand delivered to the home of Meryl Dorey the president of the organisation at this link.

Letter from Fair Trading to Ms Dorey.

We know that Ms Dorey has opted to ignore government authorities in the past. However this recent direction from fair trading is an order, not a request. If the AVN choose to ignore Fair Trading they can be deregistered and have all their assets seized.

This is certainly an early Christmass present.

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