AV is for Anti-Vax

The anti-vaccination loony Meryl Dorey is once more moaning about skeptics and those who would see her and her flying monkeys held accountable for the dangerous misinformation they spread. It seems that the constant barrage of complaints is getting to Meryl. Perhaps if she didn’t act to a total disregard for government regulations she might have nothing to worry about in the first place.

In her latest blog post Dorey moans about the HCCC-Report 

1- The Health Care Complaints Commission received a 90-page complaint by Ken McLeod – member of Stop the AVN and a man whose obsession with me seems to border on the psychotic. McLeod filed the original complaint, resulting in a 12-month ‘investigation’ by the HCCC and a public warning – both of which were later deemed to be illegal by the NSW Supreme Court. -Meryl Dorey, 28 April 2012 nocompulsoryvaccination.com

On the contrary neither the Investigation, nor finding by the Health Care Complaints Commission where ‘illegal’ although the courts did find the HCCC acted outside its jurisdiction on a technicality and therefore shouldn’t have investigated the AVN in the first place. Although the Health Care Complaints Commission had to officially retract the public warning it had issued, the content of the warning itself was never found to be incorrect.

Now It looks like Meryl Dorey and the AVN are being asked to disclose their financial income to the Department of Fair Trading. Conveniently Meryl doesn’t keep track of her finances, and therefore has an excuse at the ready for not complying with government requests.

I have informed the Dept of Fair trading that I cannot break down our income from sales of products to members and non-members because we are not required to keep track of this and therefore, we have not done so. This doesn’t seem to be satisfactory to them and they are continuing to ask me to provide them with this information or they may have to consider their ‘options’ in regards to our registration. -Meryl Dorey, 28 April 2012 nocompulsoryvaccination.com

Very convenient Meryl, perhaps the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing doesn’t require you to keep that info but apparently the Department of Fair Trading does, or they would not be asking for it. You need to abide by ALL regulations not just the ones most convenient to you.

Meryl continues her tirade against all who oppose her anti-vaccination stance.

The real villains here are those members of the Australian Skeptics and Stop the AVN who – though they themselves have not been harmed by any of these products, by any of this information or by any of these remedies – intentionally waste the public’s time, money and expertise by pursuing vexatious and absolutely ridiculous complaints. The Skeptics have worked out a way to rort the system by using current legislation to victimise those who they disagree with. And the ones who lose out when this sort of fraud is perpetrated by a group that opposes freedom of choice and speech are the Australian taxpayers. -Meryl Dorey, 28 April 2012 nocompulsoryvaccination.com

How dare we “use current legislation (sic)” to file complaints against you. Perhaps if you weren’t so often in the wrong you’d have nothing to fear from those complaints. Just some food for thought.

It has to be asked What sort of “charity” fears government investigation? 

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