Catholic Cardinal spits the dummy.

In the UK a senior cardinal of the Catholic Church has spat the dummy and accused the BBC of being bias in favor of Atheists. Because the BBC gives more time to Richard Dawkins than it does to the Church.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, claims that a radically secular and socially liberal outlook is tainting the corporation’s news and current affairs output, which is “utterly lacking” in professionalism and balance.

Cardinal O’Brien said disproportionate airtime was given to atheists such as Richard Dawkins, while mainstream Christian views had been marginalised. He said he was alarmed by a reduction in religious programming on the BBC and its failure to appoint a religion editor to mirror similar roles for the arts, science and business. The Australian

If the religious freak shows were more entertaining they might have better luck holding a crowd. It seems people in the UK are growing tired of the same old medieval bullshit that the Church has been repeating for hundreds of years. They want something fresh; like Richard Dawkins and Science.

The Catholic Church in particular has a long history of prejudice and it is nothing short of irony for them to spit the dummy when their inane rantings are now ignored by the mainstream media. These accusations of bias are unfounded since the BBC does give them airtime it’s just that they never come up with anything new If the BBC were to give them the same air time they give to science it would be endless reruns of unfounded bullshit, and that’s not what people want.

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