Greenpeace are crimminals not activists.

The so called “environmental” group Greenpeace consists predominantly of liars and frauds who have no problem resorting to criminal behaviour in order to push their idiology. A group of Greenpeace criminals recently attacked a valuable scientific experiment here in Australia.

Three Greenpeace activists broke into a scientific farm near Canberra overnight on 14 July and destroyed a crop of genetically modified wheat (see photo). The farm belongs to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the Australian national science agency, and the crop was part of research into developing genetically modified crop plants with enhanced nutritional value.

Suzanne Cory, president of the Australian Academy of Sciences, issued a statement in which she condemned the attack. “For an organisation that claims to be dedicated to the protection of the environment, this is an unconscionable act,” she said.

These criminals have destroyed a scientific experiment because they just happened to disagree with it. There is no activism here only vandalism. Greenpeace does not care about science. All they care about is pushing their unscientific dogma and will resort to vandalism and thuggery any time they don’t get their own way. It is time for the worlds media to stop referring to Greenpeace as “environmental activists” and start labeling them as the anti-scientific criminals they are.

Wilson da Silva from Cosmos magazine has an excellent summary of what Greenpeace has become.

GREENPEACE WAS ONCE a friend of science, helping bring attention to important but ignored environmental research. These days, it’s a ratbag rabble of intellectual cowards intent on peddling an agenda, whatever the scientific evidence.

It was once the most active, independent and inspiring civilian group for the environment. Whether riding zodiacs alongside boats carrying barrels of toxic waste to be dumped in the open sea, or campaigning against CFCs and HFCs that were depleting the ozone layer, Greenpeace did admirable work.

But in the last decade or so, Greenpeace abandoned the rigour of science. When the science has been inconvenient, Greenpeace chooses dogma. Which is why it has a zero-tolerance policy on nuclear energy, no matter how imperative the need to remove coal and gas from electricity production. Or why it is adamant organic farming is the only way forward for agriculture, when organic could not feed the world’s population today. Cosmos

Now that these ratbag vandals have my attention it probably won’t be the last time I mention them. Especially if they are so insistent on attacking scientific progress.

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