Is Personal Philosophy more important than your child's health?

Looks like that public health menace is at it again. Meryl Dorey has just sent out an email to her followers complaining about a Government Health care initiative. I couldn’t find a source for it, but according to Dorey the government is going to require welfare parents to take their children to a GP in order to check the child’s health. If the parent is not looking after their child’s medical needs then they could lose the taxpayer funded handout. (citation needed)

This sounds like an excellent initiative if the government is going to give parents financial support then it makes sense for them to check that the child is cared for medically. Although I think this should be extended to all parents, not just those claiming financial assistance from Centrelink.

As predicted the Anti-Vaxxers have a problem with this, as they seem to with health care in general. Why anyone would be so against health care, especially early childhood health care always escapes me. Meryl Dorey in particular seems to value personal philosophy more than scientifically proven medical procedure. Here is part of her email:

What if your primary care practitioner is not a GP? What if your health philosophy has indicated that mainstream medicine is not in your child’s best interests? What if you are a Christian Scientist whose religion says that you don’t see doctors?

Are there exemptions available for those who don’t normally see doctors? And if the doctor – whose philosophy and practices differ from you own – determines that your child is at risk, what are the potential outcomes? Meryl Dorey

While some people many indeed value their own personal ideology more than the health of their children, fortunately such people are just a minority of idiotic fringe dwellers. I’m sure most parents recognise the need for their child to visit a competent medical professional. A person does not have the right to deny their child health care just because it conflicts with their own; often unqualified ideas about medicine. I hope the government starts taking a hard line approach to people who think that their personal philosophy is more important than health care.

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