James Randi on Homeopathy


James Randi mathematically demonstrates the implausibly of Homeopathy. This video really sums up the fallacy of Homeopathy and why anyone with even a basic grasp of science knows that it’s a scam.

With the rapid approach of TAM Australia I am planning to host a mass overdose of Homeopathic remedies in Sydney to raise public awareness. The overdose in Sydney is a rare opportunity in Australia because it’s the first time that so many Skeptics have gathered in one city. So this is your chance to join in and help raise public awareness of Homeopathy.

Click here for the #TAMoz mass overdose; I offer 100% safety guarantee. My knowledge of Homeopathy conforms with the laws of Chemistry and Physics I can assure everyone that what we will be doing is perfectly safe. Just watch the video or email me: Dan@danscomp.net if you have doubts.

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