Meryl Dorey to lie about mercury and vaccinations in perth.

Meryl Dorey head of the deceptively named and widely discredited Australian Vaccination Network is returning to Perth for another round of lies and bullshit. The Anti-vaccination group is going to hold a seminar called “VACCINATION:MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE” however Meryl Dorey intends to repeat the same lies an discredited information that she has become infamous for. Including the claim that vaccines contain Mercury.

It’s true that some vaccines use thimerosal as a preservative, but the mercury found in thimerosal is ethylmercury which is safely discharged from the human body it is a very safe preservative, which is why it’s use in the first place. However mercury can also be bound as a methyl and methylmercury is dangerous to humans. People often get these two different types of mercury confused. However no vaccines or thimerosal has ever contained methylmercury. This is simply scaremongering from the anti-vaccination groups. What’s more childhood vaccines do not contain thimerosal so not even the safe, organic ethylmercury is used in childhood vaccines.

There simply is no mercury in childhood vaccines. It’s a lie to scare parents our of vaccinating their children. Don’t just take my word for it; ask your doctor.

This is just one of many lies that Meryl Dorey intends to present as fact to perents tomorrow in Floreat. Along with her normal tirade of government and corporate conspiracies, and of course those evil skeptics.

If you’re in Perth you can attend her seminar but be warned it’s very difficult to sit through. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone lie to parents and provide them with misinformation that puts the whole community at risk.

A much better source of information for people attending the AVN seminar is at Vaccination Facts a website setup by Kylie Sturgess in response to the AVNs misinformation seminars held in Perth.

7 thoughts on “Meryl Dorey to lie about mercury and vaccinations in perth.

  1. Andy

     From the "mercury in childhood vaccines"link above…

    "Seven of the 8 vaccines contained no detectable levels of Hg"

    and for the one in which some Hg was found…

    "… the levels of Hg detected are substantially lower than any established exposure safety limits…"

    So Dan, you're a liar based on one test that discovered a tiny amount of Hg in just one of eight childhood vaccines. Shame on you.

  2. Surfing B

    " the results of this study reveal that inaccuracies exist in public health messages, professional communications, and official documentation regarding Hg content in at least one childhood vaccine. In the interests of public health, it is incumbent on vaccine manufacturers and responsible agencies such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Federal Department of Health and Ageing to address this issue as a matter of urgency."

    Shame on the government and Pharmaceutical Companies for lying to the population.

  3. Dan Buzzard

    "So Dan, you're a liar based on one test that discovered a tiny amount of Hg in just one of eight childhood vaccines. Shame on you."

    Elemental mercury (Hg) is a dangerous neurotoxin. If the vaccine tested contained ethylmercury (C2H5Hg+) then obviously Hg is going to be present. It's like taking Dihydrogen Monoxide (Water) and calling it Hydrogen. It's a dishonest label at best, although technically correct to some degree.

    However I have serious doubts about the article provided by Surfing B. Currently no known childhood vaccines contain mercury. Except for this one independent study, which happens to find something contrary to the general consensus. The article also admits that vaccines containing thimerosal have been removed from the childhood schedule. It mentions fear of residual trace levels; from where? As the thimerosal has been withdrawn.

  4. Andy

    For the record, Dan, I was being facetious as a response to Surfing B 🙂 I don't think one data point immediately overrides all previous data. We need more info.


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