New Age Energy vs Reality

Energy, I see allot of psychics and alternative healers talk about energy as if is is some magical substance from wich they can draw mystical power. Energy is not a magical substance. It is a scalar quantity used to describe how much work can be done by a particular force. Energy is the ability to do work and it can exist in a variety of forms such as heat (thermal energy), chemical energy, light (radiant energy), nuclear, mechanical and electrical. If you see the Psychic talk about energy just ask them what type of energy they are talking about, I guarantee you will catch them off guard.


It seems very apparent that New Age followers really have no understanding of what energy is and fraudulent practitioner such as Psychics and Alternative Healers often exploit this ignorance for financial gain. They use the term “energy” because sounds good to the average layperson who simply does not know any better.


An Australian Psychic website  claims”


“Psychic energy, like all forms of energy, is a ‘boomerang’ – the energy you give out will return to you.

When we think of psychic energy, the picture that immediately invoked in the mind is of a person possessed with mysterious, supernatural powers of intuition.”


This would be laughable if it was not so serious. New Age Practitioners do not know what energy is and use the term only to mislead the ignorant for financial gain. So the next time you hear a new ager talking about energy you should understand that what they are talking about and actual energy are in reality are two entirely different things.




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I will of course cover more on Alternative Healing and Psychics as this blog progresses.

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