Pathological Liar Meryl Dorey's pathetic attempt at impersonation.

That infamous assclown Meryl Dorey of the Australian [anti-]Vaccination Network (AVN) has created the website (fake Site)  in a pathetic revenge attempt towards those who expose her fraudulent “charity” for the money making sham that it really is.

For the past three years a group called Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN) has been exposing the misdeeds of Meryl Dorey and her dodgy “charity”. As a result Meryl has gotten into a whole heap of legal trouble with government regulators. Although SAVN and Australian Skeptics (Real Site) are not the same thing, Meryl repeatedly blames Australian Skeptics for the actions of SAVN. Which is a fairly moot point because all activism undertaken by SAVN falls well within the law; and Meryl even acknowledges this fact.

The Skeptics have worked out a way to rort the system by using current legislation to victimise those who they disagree with. -Meryl Dorey, 28 April 2012

So blaming Australian Skeptics for the actions of SAVN isn’t the insult she thinks it is.

In what I can only assume is an act of desperation Meryl has decided to seek revenge on the Australian Skeptics by creating a website in their name and filling it with bullshit. The domain name is indisputably owned by Meryl Dorey.

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Although she’s owned the domain name since 2009 I have always wondered what she might do with it. Now we know, this is clearly a desperate attempt to lash out at her critics after all legitimate avenues have failed. This pathetic attempt at impersonation shows just how desperate the anti-vaccination network is becoming.

Her choice of domain name and the wording of the website are an obvious attempt to mislead and deceive the public into thinking they are visiting the real Australian Skeptics website. Considering how much trouble she keeps getting into for spreading lies and deception a rational person would of expected her to learn her lesson by now. No such luck it seems.

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