Presenting Anti-abortion fruitcake, Kristin Terheqes

Ok, I’m used to encountering insane propaganda but sometimes I encounter something so absurd that it needs to be shared. This one comes from one Kristin Terheqes.

Also, my comment telling them they haven’t a clue about medical procedure has disappeared from the comment thread. I think it perfectly reasonable to call this ridiculous image propaganda. Judge for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Presenting Anti-abortion fruitcake, Kristin Terheqes

  1. Shay

    This is what is known, Sir, as a partial-birth abortion. I don't know which part of the graphic you are calling ridiculous, but this IS what happens during late-term abortion procedures. It's called the D&X procedure and a detailed description of what happens can be read at . And it's no secret that fetal organs are harvested and used for emrbryonic stem cell research… . If you didn't know that these kinds of things happen, you may want to consider educating yourself by doing some more research before you make yourself look ignorant in public cyberspace. God bless you, Sir.

  2. lmb

    well, those are the correct medical drawings for a partial birth abortion. So, you lose on that note. However, you are correct in that Kristin is a fruit cake. She is probably one of the biggest lying bitches out there on the pro-life agenda. I love pro-lifers and all don't get me wrong, many great ones out there doing what they feel is right, but she is a fucking nutcase loser who will make up stories about herself for pity and attention any day. Horrible activist if you ask anyone.


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