Somebody Think of the Children!

I find it bizarre that the pro-filter mob have adopted the “Somebody Think of the Children” stance because in my opinion it should be the exact opposite. While I have no kids myself and would never want any in the first place. I do believe in protecting the rights and freedoms of the future generations. It seems appropriate to me that anyone who wants to protect children should be opposed to censorship in every way shape and form and be focused on upholding human rights, not suppressing them.

Surely any reasonable parent would want their child to grow up in a democratic society that upholds the freedom of speech and rejects totalitarian idealism that would see even the most fundamental human rights removed. We live in one of the greatest countries in the world and the freedoms we all take for granted only exist because of our modern democracy that allows the free exchange of ideas and information. The internet has played a primary role in enhancing our lives in recent decades not only because it gives us access to information but also because it allows us to contribute in return. The rise of the web 2.0 phenomena means that now everyone can contribute to the global conversation we call “The Internet” and only the most callous individuals would seek to silence it for there own ends.

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