The Australian Vaccination Network is being brought to it's knees.

There was a time when Mery Dorey of the deceptively named “Australian Vaccination Network” would be called upon as a medical expert on vaccination. When the media used to treat her as a credible source for information on vaccines. Before the Health Care Complaints Commission issued it’s public warning against her.

Since then things have been going downhill rapidly for Dorey and her organisation, very rapidly. Only a few months later the Australian Vaccination Network had it’s charitable status revoked preventing Dorey from engaging in fundraising activities.

The loss of charity status appears to be taking its toll. ‘Reasonable Hank’ from Stop the AVN has pointed out the difficulty Dorey is having delivering her magazine; to the point where she is attempting to redefine the meaning of the word subscription in a desperate attempt to justify failure to fill her orders. Of course this doesn’t stop Dorey from selling the subscriptions even if there is no magazine to ship.

Meryl Dorey sent out a newsletter on Monday confirming what many of us have already suspected and hoped for; the Australian Vaccination Network is indeed being brought to it’s knees by the skeptical community, health authorities, media and medical professionals.

It is necessary, once again, to ask you to read about another ignorant and vicious allegation by Stop the AVN (SAVN) and the Australian Skeptics. Without any cause whatsoever, both myself and the AVN National Committee are being accused of fraud because our magazine, Living Wisdom, is late.

You would know – and I have been quite open about this – that Living Wisdom magazine is very delayed in its publication. And there is good reason for this. Here are just some of the jobs that are necessary, day-to-day for the AVN to continue operating:

  • answering all phone calls;
  • entering all orders;
  • keeping the accounting programme up to date and reconciling all accounts;
  • sending out all orders;
  • writing the blog;
  • maintaining the Facebook and Twitter sites;
  • producing this e-newsletter;
  • moderating and contributing to the email discussion group;
  • organising regular seminars (arranging venues, accommodation, transport, slides, advertising, etc.);
  • preparing webinars; and
  • assisting an ever-increasing number of people who are in legal strife because of their vaccination decisions (more about this a bit later on)

Previously, we had 5 people in our office to perform these jobs – a graphic designer, a bookkeeper/office manager, her assistant, an advertising salesperson plus me. Now, there is just one person to keep it all under control – me. When it comes to the day-to-day work of the AVN, there is nobody else besides me to do the job (though our committee does an incredible amount to support me and other AVN members, the tranny of distance means they cannot be working here on the spot). -Meryl Dorey

So while Meryl Dorey insists that SAVN are not scoring any victories the truth is that the Australian Vaccination Network is battered and broken. Dorey has lost her hold on the media, lost all her staff and is struggling to keep the organisation together. All thanks to a dedicated group of individuals called Stop the AVN who are dedicated to holding Meryl Dorey and the Australian Vaccination Network accountable for the dangerous misinformation that they spread. As for the slow but certain demise of the Australian Vaccination Network, I’ll drink this scotch to celebrate.

11 thoughts on “The Australian Vaccination Network is being brought to it's knees.

  1. anarchic teapot

    Nice summary of their situation, and it's good news for health across the world.

    It was amusing to see how quickly the AVN's smear campaign against Reasonable Hank fizzled out. It was pulled from the Internet within 48 hours, no doubt because someone got a phone call from Reality to tell them they couldn't afford the libel damages.

    You may care to explain what a "tranny of distance" is. I'm sure Meryl can't be using a derogatory term for transgender folk and drag artistes, but I'm blowed if I can guess what it means. Come on, educate us poor benighted Poms.

    Oh, and no apostrophe in 'its' possessive, please.

  2. Rogue Medic

    Excellent news.

    It is great to learn that there are people out there willing to apply reasonable rules to those who would endanger children, such as Meryl Dorey.


  3. Neil Hunt

    "Tranny of distance" is supposed to be the tyranny of distance, that is, things are "far away". Perfectly suitable when you need to drive across Australia, but not so good for sitting on the internet doing, errr, "work".

  4. Roger

    In your dreams! SAVN can't even find Meryl's correct maiden name, so why should any of their other claims be legit? The AVN is here to stay, regardless of any legal outcomes. Think of it as a medusa – chop off one head and many many more will rise up.

  5. Dan Buzzard

    "SAVN can't even find Meryl's correct maiden name"
    That's our weakness…..?!

    Like the Hydra the Australian Vaccination Network will one day be a tale from the past.

  6. Roger

    Sokolovsky? LOL!!!!!! Ever think that you couldn't find the records because you had the wrong name? Hint: not all of us have the same surname as our father.

  7. Andy

    Roger, let me see if understand how this works…

    SAVN don't know Meryl Dorey's maiden name, therefore vaccines are a tool used by the lizard-people overlords to implant micro-chips with a view to committing genocide?

    Is that right?

  8. Roger

    No Andy. I assume you are aware of all the documents published by savn attempting to say that Meryl is a fraud. Their publishing of a demonstrably false accusation shows they are total crap researchers, so why should anything else they publish be accurate? Lizard overlords? You are kidding I hope. Though, savn do seem to spend time chatting about their lizard overlords. So you must believe. I think I'll just quietly walk away ………………………..

  9. Tihei Mauri Ora

    I didnt know who AVN was until I read Dan Buzzard's unwarranted attack on Stephanie Messager but now i have looked up their site and think they are doing a fabulous job of disseminating information about childhood vaccination – if groups like AVN didnt exist parents wouldn't be able to make an informed choice about their children's health – even a skeptic would have to accept both sides of the story need to be heard before a decision can be made


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