The Verdict is in on the AVN

The Australian Vaccination network will have it’s charity status revoked next Wednesday thanks to a decision from the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing to revoke the anti-vaccination networks charity status.

A CONTROVERSIAL NSW-based anti-vaccination group has been stripped of its charitable status after the state government found its appeals had not been conducted in good faith.

The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) was ordered in July to publish a disclaimer on its website stating the group was anti-vaccination and its material shouldn’t be read as medical advice.

On Thursday, the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) revoked the group’s charitable status on the grounds it had failed to publish the disclaimer as recommended by the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC). Herald Sun

Strike #1: The HCCC Ruling

Strike #2: This is it!

Strike #3: Will it be the Copyright Violations?

This is turning out to be a pretty shitty year for the AVN and I hope the worse is yet to come.

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