Vaccination is the equivalent of child rape.

Vaccination is the equivalent of child rape. At least according to Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network. Just when it seems that the Anti-vaccination crowd couldn’t get more absurd. The AVN and it’s supporters appear to excel in all area’s of stupidity.

A MOTHER has been ordered by the Family Court to have her five-year-old daughter immunised.

The girl’s father, who has remarried and has another child, wanted the girl vaccinated against preventable diseases for her own wellbeing, and for the health of his other children.

But the girl’s mother said her daughter was healthy and the risk of vaccine-preventable diseases was very small.

The couple separated before their daughter was born, and the father initially consented to her not being immunised because, he claims, he was desperate to establish a relationship with his daughter. But the father now wants her vaccinated and produced medical evidence that immunisation provided no unacceptable risks for his daughter. Herald Sun

It’s a good thing the father of this child took the mother to court to get this resolved. It can’t have been easy but at least it is one more life that may now be protected from preventable disease. Parents who refuse to protect their children from disease are unfit to raise kids. It’s ashame the father wasn’t awarded full custody, one step at a time I guess.

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  1. fontac pencatast

    The disgusting woman has replied a few times to the Facebook page:

    Australian Vaccination Network Court orders rape of a child. Think this is an exaggeration? Think again. This is assault without consent and with full penetration too. If we as a society allow this crime to take place, we are every bit as guilty as the judge who made the order and the doctor who carries it out. If anyone knows this family, please pu…t them in touch with me – 02 6687 1699 – I would like to see if there is anything the AVN can do.

    Australian Vaccination Network
    Guys, I apologise if anyone was offended with the rape analogy. I take the issue of rape VERY seriously as two very close family members were raped. But rape is not a sexual act. It is an act of violence that demonstrates power over someone… who cannot defend themselves and to my mind – forcing a child to be vaccinated against the informed consent of his or her parent is exactly that = and act of violence by someone who is more powerful against someone who is less powerful. If vaccines were totally benign; if there were absolutely no risk of side effects, reactions or death from vaccination were unkown and if they were also 100% effective, you could possibly see a court pushing this issue. But they are not. They can and do cause harm. They can and do kill. And in Australia – at least today, it is legal to say no to vaccination. So…what part of no doesn't the court understand? What part of 'this is my child's body here and I have a right to protect this body against assault by medications I feel could be dangerous' is not covered by our current legislation?

    If you were the doctor ordered to administer this vaccine and the mother was standing there, holding her child under a court order while you prepared the shot and she was begging you to stop and crying that it would hurt and you continued to do it anyway – how different is that from rape?

    Australian Vaccination Network
    Thanks Anita – and I know that the word does tend to mainly have sexual connotations nowadays, but historically, rape has meant so much more. And as I said, rape is not a crime of sex – it is a crime of violence, control and anger/hatred.

    Australian Vaccination Network
    To anyone who was insulted or hurt by my comparing the forced vaccination of a child against the custodial parent's wishes with rape, I do apologise wholeheartedly and without reservation.

    I looked up the definition of rape prior to posting …that comparison and in the dictionary sense of the word, it is accurate. But I do understand that this is a vexed issue and for those like the two who are close to me and who have been victims of rape, the last thing I would want to do is cause them more pain.

    Perhaps the term violation would have been better and in future, I will use that word. Because this mother and her child are being violated in so many ways it's hard to know where to start.


  2. Dan Buzzard

    forcing a child to be vaccinated against the informed consent of his or her parent is exactly that

    Apparently Meryl knows nothing about genetics either. The news article quite clearly states that it was one of the parents wishes that the child be vaccinated. The Fathers consent was strong enough for him to have the matter taken to the courts. Of course Meryl leaves out the fact that the Child has two parent's.

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