What was the best thing to come out of The Rise of Atheism?

Following on from a Blog post by Jin-ohchoi

To all the Atheists, Rationalists, Sceptics, Free Thinkers and other like-minded people.

With The Rise Of Atheism | 2010 Global Atheist Convention only days away. I wanted to pose a question to those attending and not attending.

What outcomes do you hope will come from the convention? –Jin-oh – Atheist|Geek|Nerd|Social

I feel that since the Atheist Convention is now over we can answer another important question and that is. What was the best thing to come out of The Rise of Atheism?

For me the convention was not just about the presentations, although they were well worth crossing the country for on their own. I feel the greatest value in the convention comes from uniting Atheists who are notoriously disorganised, possibly because we won’t burn in hell for it. With Atheists all over the country having now met and begun the formation of new alliances a new wave of reason is sweeping across society and organised ignorance cannot easily escape it. The convention is appropriate named “The Rise of Atheism” because now Atheism is beginning to take center stage away from the Stupid, Ignorant and Deluded masses.

Atheism is on the rise and this is one ball that won’t stop rolling…

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