Why the Moon Landing is NOT fake.

Of all the events that took place in the 20th century perhaps none is greater than setting foot on the moon however like many great achievements the moon landings are haunted by conspiracy nut jobs who insist that the landings cannot have taken place despite indisputable scientific evidence to the contrary. The lunar hoaxers like to use poor and even ludicrous arguments to refute history.

One of the most commonly used photographs is the one displaying the American flag and one of the two astronauts, either Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin it’s hard to tell in this photo.


The hoaxers argument goes like this

When the astronauts are putting up the American flag it waves. There is no wind on the Moon.

The movement of the flag is caused by vibrations during it’s planting. This movement of the flag does not indicate the presence of wind but instead proves that the flag is in a vacuum. Here on Earth the flag would cease movement considerably faster due to resistance from the atmosphere the lack of air resistance in the vacuum of space allows this vibration movement to continue considerably longer than if the flag was surrounded by an atmosphere. You should also note the flag in this photograph is supported by a horizontal bar across the top which allows the flag to remain upright instead of falling flat against the pole, surprisingly many people fail to notice this in the photo.


No stars are visible in the pictures taken by the Apollo astronauts from the surface of the Moon.

Stars are not visible on the moon during daylight hours for the same reason that they are not visible on Earth during daylight hours. It is not the Earth’s atmosphere that prevents stars from being visible during the day and this is evident by the fact that we can see them at night. The reason we don’t see stars during the day on Earth is because the light from the Sun is simply too bright, this is called Light Pollution and it is the same reason we can see the night sky much more clearly in rural locations than we can around big cities. The daytime sky on the Moon is no different from Earth in this respect.


The footprints in the fine lunar dust, with no moisture or atmosphere or strong gravity, are unexpectedly well preserved, as if made in wet sand.

This one is a no brainer. Without wind or rain the footprints may last for centuries without erosion. This argument is often used by the same crackpots who claim that the flag shouldn’t be moving because there’s no wind on the Moon. So first they argue that there is no wind and then try to argue that the footprints could not possible remain preserved as if they suddenly changed their mind about not having wind on the moon.


The rocks brought back from the Moon are identical to rocks collected by scientific expeditions to Antarctica.

Some Moon rocks have been found on Earth, but they are rare and are often scorched from their entry into Earths atmosphere. The rocks brought back from the Apollo missions do not contain this scorching. Given that the Earth, Moon and many other planets formed from the same mass of particles many billions of years ago it should not be any surprise to find substances on Earth that are also found elsewhere in our galaxy.


No blast crater is visible in the pictures taken of the lunar landing module.

The landing module touches down on a surface of solid rock that is covered by a thin layer of dust, when the Lander takes off it’s thrust is much smaller than would be needed on Earth due to the Moons lower gravitational pull. This results in a significantly smaller blast radius. Which is why you don’t see any blast crater. Although the thin layer of dust is blasted away the solid rock beneath it remains.


Shadows in the photographs indicate that there are multiple light sources similar to studio lighting.

If you have ever looked at a Full Moon you will know that the lunar surface is highly reflective. So there is certainly more than one light source to cast shadows, both the Sun and the Moon that reflects it. This also happens on Earth, you can cast a shadow on the ground without being in darkness yourself.


Apollo astronauts could not have travelled to the moon as a giant belt of lethal space radiation would have frazzled them.

The Van Allen Radiation Belt is a favorite for the conspiracy nuts. The radiation is lethal to Humans but so are X-Rays and yet people have X-Rays all the time. The solution is to not hang-out in the radiation field. The astronauts passed through the belt in just a few hours and were exposed to the same radiation as a normal X-Ray patient.



On one hand we have mountains of evidence from reputable Scientific organisations and on the other we have a bunch of conspiracy nuts presenting absurd unscientific evidence despite the Scientific Consensus that man has landed on the Moon. I know who I’d rather place money on.

23 thoughts on “Why the Moon Landing is NOT fake.

  1. Luke Troy

    Hey dude, this is a pretty decent blog. Probably more relevent than mine :P. You should have a counter so you can see how many hits you get. Want me to show you how?

  2. Neil Arsestrong

    What a load of shit you have put here. Those apollo moon landings were faked and everyone knows it. Everyone except you of course. You must be realy fucked in the head if you think that man travelled to the moon and back over forty years ago. Get a life for christ's sake

  3. Chris

    I like the contrast between the well structured, rational arguments to support the moon landings actually occurring against:

    "What a load of shit you have put here. Those apollo moon landings were faked and everyone knows it. Everyone except you of course. You must be realy fucked in the head if you think that man travelled to the moon and back over forty years ago. Get a life for christ's sake"

  4. Tommy

    Meh, I think it could be either way. It seems weird we went to the moon so long ago and now that if it were to happen today and it were a hoax it would be found out real quick, and we don't go to the moon these days.
    Like? There definately has to be some kind of huge advancement we've made in forty years that would give us enough reason to return to the moon for further scientific study. I can see how it's possible to get some of that done from here for less money… but still… like really? go to the moon like only 3 times or whatever?
    We are humans, we discover america and invade it immediately.

  5. Jacob Hood

    Ive noticed the majority of people against the moon landings happening are verbally insulting the author, not trying to prove what they wrote was wrong…

  6. John

    The reason for why we haven't gone to the moon again yet is because the cold war ended, but I think they are planning to make some sort of colony in 2025, or at least go there again. More proof that the moon landings happened: The soviet union monitored the flight, if the moon landing never happened, the USSR would know and it would just humiliate the USA, unless the USSR was a puppet state of America and the cold war was a hoax 😛

  7. Gautham R

    USSR monitored the moon landing?? trying to find a space shuttle in that much of aerial space is like looking for a hydrogen atom in a haystack in a coalmine in the amazon rain-forest at night. Also, you argument that another moon landing was not attempted because the cold-war ended was pretty ironic.. Essentially, what you're saying is that the USA " 'put' people on the moon to scare the Russians"- this is exactly what everyone who say that the moon landing is fake, believe. Also, the astronauts only suffered radiation comparable to having their X-rays taken? The protons in the Van-allen belt can penetrate 14 cm of lead and have energies ranging from 5 MeV to 100 MeV compared to a regular X-ray machine's 100 KeV- so, almost 1000 times at peak exposure. Stars are not visible on the moon during daylight hours for the same reason that they are not visible on Earth during daylight hours?? Have you noticed that the sky is uniformly blue during daytime? On Earth, there's this magical phenomenon, called atmospheric scattering of light, that also kind of smears out the light from the Sun in all directions; THAT's why we don't see the stars during daytime. Imagine there a really strong light behind you, and there's an LED light embedded on a somewhat reflective surface in front of you- you wont see the LED, unless you look really hard. The Moon, sadly, does not have this phenomenon, because it has no atmosphere- so, as opposed to your genius findings, the stars should be visible even during the day and should be even brighter than on Earth. In this case, the LED is embedded on a non-reflective surface, and you'll see it very easily because the only light entering your retinas are emitted by the stars, not the Sun. You see, Light doesn't bend in vacuum, so no matter how strong the light from the Sun is, it does not fall your retinas, if it is behind you.And yes, the "waving flag", rock sample and shadow arguments are not very good.

  8. Don Eladio

    People say we didn't go back to the moon, but in reality, there were several. We landed on the moon six time, so they cant say we didn't go back.

    Apollo 11 – Apollo 17 (17 was the last manned mission/landing) 6 total landings

    You can see the equipment left on he moon in pictures here on earth.

  9. courtney luke

    Ok i would just like to point out that the people who have said it is wrong have not tryed to prove their point. And the author here has had extream back up to what he belives in. The moon landing was real and you are all needing to grow up and get your shit together….

    Thank you and have a nice day 🙂

  10. Azuki

    People who say mankind has never been to the moon sound crazy. I did some research and found out the that the space shuttle travels at around 17,000 MPH and since the moon is a planet that has 1/6th of earth gravity, parachutes wouldn't work and there is no way of slowing the space shuttle down. So how did we land on the moon? How did we safely land back on earth? Now that I think about it, the crazies made more sense after all..
    this was a very small point, What about the waving American flag, there isnt any wind on the lunar surface.. Or how about multiple shadows in the pictures.
    The astronauts could not have survived the trip because of exposure to radiation from the Van Allen radiation belt.
    The rocks brought back from the Moon are identical to rocks collected by scientific expeditions to Antarctica.
    The landing module weighs 17 tons and yet sits on top of the sand making no impression. Next to it astronauts’ footprints can be seen in the sand.
    just a few. And the most recent
    Buzz Aldrin one of the astroNuts who went to the moon was asked to Swear on the Bible that he went on the moon but he never did. If he didnt believe in God He could've falsely sworn, If he went he couldve honestly sworn, but to him he is a man of God and didnt, instead he punched one of the reporters in the face and walked away.. Now this is a man who claimed that he went on the moon 40 something years ago. How come even though technology has increased dramatically No other nation has ever been able to send astronauts to the moon?
    Not all Americans are stupid, Just the ones that are only American. Thanks God Im Canadian American and I can think for myself.

  11. Kai

    a more in depth discussion of the van allen belt is clearly necessary.

    i also heard that no other nation other than america has ever claimed to have gone outside of the van allen belt, but have never had it verified.

    same goes for a map of the moon made years ago that was made down to the mm and apparently no sight of debris or america flag. now, my only source for that is an old science teacher. maybe he was just trying to spook me out. incidentally, it was an old maths teacher who first told me about the van allen belt!

    and i think the strongest non-science based arguments are still
    1) you have to weigh up within the context of the cold war, as a strategic decision, whether it was easier to actually go to the moon, or to fake it.
    2) i wouldn't put it past the American government to stage it! stranger things have happened.

  12. Shadow's Deception

    This piece of investigation is well put. It doesn't really matter if you think man landed on the moon or not IT'S A PERSONAL OPINION! People can say what they want about it not matter if we went up there ourselves and proved that it happened. I personally believe, and have believed for all my life, that the moon landing was real and I don't plan on faltering from that opinion anytime soon. The scientific facts are there to prove that one of mans greatest achievements happened and that we as humans can proudly say that we went further than we though possible and pushed the boundaries of human technology at that time

  13. LeeB

    The level of ignorance shown by the 'sceptics' here is astonishing. Space Shuttle indeed! Anyone who thinks the moon landings were faked doesn't know or understand very much about it. Still, there's no point trying to convince them otherwise. As the saying goes, 'Never get involved in an argument with an idiot: the best possible outcome is that you win an argument with an idiot . . .

    Also, the picture of the astronaut above is neither Armstrong or Aldrin – it clearly shows a lunar rover to the right, so it's from one of the later missions: it's actually Gene Cernan of Apollo 17, December 1972.

  14. allan Usherwood

    The human being is a born skeptic. there are people I know that believe we came from a couple perfectly formed human beings just like us(.Adam and Eve) Poor bastards they don’t even know we came from monkeys or similar,after of course coming out of the sea/


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