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Vaccination akin to kidnapping: Meryl Dorey

I stumbled upon an interesting article posted by Australian Doctor about a new mobile service aimed at increasing vaccination rates amongst youth. The new service has proved effective so far at increasing vaccinations from around 50% up to nearly 100%.

Tracking down and vaccinating wayward youths at bus stops and skate parks could prove a solution to raising immunisation rates in rural Australia.
The approach has paid off at a high school in rural Queensland, where a drive-by vaccination squad has seen an increase from about 50% to up to 100% of 13-15-year-olds being immunised. Australian Doctor

Of course this increased protection from lethal disease has greatly upset Meryl Dorey of the deceptively named Australian Vaccination Network.

Yes, Meryl Dorey has likened the application of life saving medicines to kidnapping. This shouldn’t come as any surprise given her history of calling vaccinations Child Rape, but I have to wonder how foolish someone would have to be in-order to take anything Meryl says seriously. Perhaps AVN supporters should take a good look at their beloved leader. She may be in need of psychiatric help, at least her past, present and possibly future actions seem to indicate a very disturbed individual.

Perhaps Meryl Dorey missed this vital clue.

“We’ve had parents contacting us and giving us permission to meet the children at the school bus … and we would have them immunised by the time they return to school,” said Gordon Luck, director of nursing at Mount Morgan Hospital, which runs the mobile service.  Australian Doctor

Then again, never let the truth get in the way of your lunatic fear mongering. That’s the anti-vax agenda.

Anti-vaxxers trying to censor skeptic blogs.

An interesting event came to light recently. Two well known Skeptic blogs Reasonable Hank and Lucky Losing were being blocked by Trend Micro.

We believe supporters of the Australian Vaccination Network have been reporting skeptical blogs as malware in an attempt to have them blocked by malware vendors. This type of behavior has come to be expected from those who lack the evidence to backup their claims. 

There is an especially nutty fruitloop called Liz Hempel who had a few things to say on Twitter regarding the blockage of Reasonable Hank.

Liz Hempel (if that’s even her real name) is quite clearly making false accusations of fraud and criminal conduct. Without any evidence to backup those accusations of course, but then lack of evidence is what the anti-vaccination movement is all about (and promoting disease).

Liz continues…

Liz clearly knows little about the Internet. She receives the warning because she is most likely using Trend Micro which is blocking the page. Perhaps she thought reporting a page she didn’t like would get it removed entirely from the web, she is wrong only users of that particular blacklist are affected by the blockage.

I like her suggestion of reporting it to Services providers receive threats, abuse and complaints as part of their daily business but no decent service provider is going to remove content unless compelled to by a court of competent jurisdiction. They espesially aren’t going to act at the whim of anti-vaxx bullshitters. Nice try Liz but once more you fail.

Incidents like this just highlight the lengths that anti-vaxxers will go to; or in this case attempt to go to in order to silence critics of their ideology. While Liz Hempel doesn’t know what she’s doing not all anti-vaxxers will be so incompetent with technology and those of us who run sites likely to incur the wrath of others should take steps to ensure that our sites and services are secure from those who would like to silence their critics in desperation. I expect we will see more underhanded tactics being used in the future, by those with an otherwise indefensible position.

Catholic church provides financial support to convicted paedophile priests.

Once more it seems the Catholic Church is protecting pedophiles. In a news report this week it is revealed that financial aid is being given to convicted child rapists.

The archdiocese has disclosed to The Age that it is providing significant financial support to four clergy released from jail after serving sentences for child sex abuse.

Victim support groups say more clergy found either by police or internal church investigations to have abused children are likely to be receiving financial support from different Catholic orders outside the Melbourne archdiocese’s control. The Age

So the Catholic Church is providing financial assistance to paedophiles; why am I not surprised by this?