Catholic church provides financial support to convicted paedophile priests.

Once more it seems the Catholic Church is protecting pedophiles. In a news report this week it is revealed that financial aid is being given to convicted child rapists.

The archdiocese has disclosed to The Age that it is providing significant financial support to four clergy released from jail after serving sentences for child sex abuse.

Victim support groups say more clergy found either by police or internal church investigations to have abused children are likely to be receiving financial support from different Catholic orders outside the Melbourne archdiocese’s control. The Age

So the Catholic Church is providing financial assistance to paedophiles; why am I not surprised by this?

2 thoughts on “Catholic church provides financial support to convicted paedophile priests.

  1. grantb

    I might be atheist, but object to the headline and the inferences drawn.

    It is a fairyly obnoxious logical fallacy to suggest that the Catholic church financially supporting a person released from jail (after serving their sentence) is 'endorsing child rape'.

    Would you accused a government department of endorsing murder if they pay a pension to a convicted and released murderer? If I employ an ex-convict, am I supporting crime?

    The way the justice system works is that somebody released from jail is on parole for some time, but is considered rightly or wrongly as a free citizen able to work and live in society.

    If the issue was the Catholic Church hiding guilty clergy from the consequences of their actions (which they have done in the past), then I can understand the sensationist headline, but please try and not sink to this level of attack and apply skeptism but not this simplistic attack.

  2. Dan Buzzard


    You are correct in regards to the title of this post "Catholic church endorses child rape." was not accurate. So I have now changed to correct my error.


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