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Anti-vaxxers never ending stalking and threats.

One of the drawbacks to combating anti-vaccination campaigners is the never ending barrage of abuse and harassment that you are subjected to. Sometimes these attacks simply come in the form of verbal (actually typed) abuse over Twitter or Facebook, which is easy enough to ignore/block but some times harassment takes a more direct approach.

Back in 2012 myself and Peter Bowditch were subjected to lawsuits designed to shut us up and intimidate anyone else who might criticise the Australian Vaccination Network, a hard line anti-vaccination “charity”. The president of the AVN, Meryl Dorey dragged the court proceeding out for close to a year. Such vexatious litigation is nothing short of harassment. Of course we did win our cases in the end, but it still occupied a huge amount of time.

More recently a person whom I presume is an AVN supporter has been regularly spamming and stalking this blog. Today they began issuing what I can only interpret as a threat. Given the history of anti-vaxxer behaviour.

Clearly this person located in Perth, Western Australia thinks they are anonymous. So far they have used the following IP Addresses:

May 24 6:55 PM
May 23 8:07 PM
May 15 7:46 PM
May 14 2:24 PM
April 25 7:33PM
April 25 3:13pm
April 25 10:05am
April 23 10:47am

The following is known about their system.

They are using Firefox running on Ubuntu Linux and have a VNC client installed on port 5900. Ports 1863 and 5190 are open but I don’t know what for. Their gateway is a Linksys WRV200 wireless broadband router and their network may contain a HP 4200 PSA (Print Server Appliance) model J4117A.

If anyone else has issues or information about this person I can be contacted at: this isn’t a normal drive-by internet spammer. This appears to be an individual with a score to settle, and I will identify them.

Update on Friday, May 29, 2015 at 8:20PM

It seems this person has returned to my blog on the 28th at 07:26:03 PM only to read this post and shit their pants. Because at 11:47:24 PM that very same day they returned except this time they used the Tor network to try and mask their location.

Here’s some professional advice “Tor will not save you!” if you think for one minute that you can come here to post threats and then hide behind an anonymous proxy server, THINK AGAIN!

Anti-vax organisation moves to non-existent office

Today I received an email from the Australian Vaccination Network that contained the usual anti-vax propaganda, but I did notice one small change. The postal address of the organisation has changed to Lumley House, Level 14, 309 Kent St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia.

A quick Google search reveals that this address belongs to a company offering “Virtual Offices” to any shonk and crook who might need an impressive looking mailing address to impress a mark. Unlike a PO Box the “Virtual Office” is designed to create the impression that you have an office located in the Sydney CBD. It is purely a tool of deception, one that only questionable businesses tend to use. 

Not only have the anti-vaxxers gotten themselves a bogus office, but they are paying a minimum of $60 a month. When a regular PO Box in Sydney CBD would cost $180 per year. This seems like a lot of money for a so called “Volunteer run organisation”. I suspect they are going to register the “Virtual Office” as their place of business, which is one thing you can’t do with a PO Box because legally your place of business needs to exist.

In addition to the deceptive address they have also handed control of the domain over to Greg Payne whom I believe is married to one of the AVNs board members.

Meryl Dorey (founder) and Tasha David (president) clearly think they can minimise the legal repercussions if they spread the liability around. I think someone has been watching too many movies.

Somebody think of the Acronyms

The Australian Vaccination Network repeatedly lies about the ownership of it’s official Facebook page by claiming that the page is owned by their fans. In order to further push this lie they have now renamed the official Facebook page from “Australian Vaccination Network” to “Fans of the AVN” but they can’t change the username of the page, which is still 

So there is no denying that this is the same page owned by the same cretins. But their choice of name is an interesting one. Because there is more than one organisation going by the acronym A.V.N.

In the absence of “The Australian Vaccination Network” the only AVN on Facebook is Adult Video News, a trade magazine for the porn industry. That’s them in the 3rd and 4th search result on Facebook appearing just below Fans of The AVN.

Adult Video Network

I would like to congratulate Meryl Dorey and her Fans of the AVN and await the inevitable confusion and hilarity that is bound to follow from this poorly planned re-branding of a Facebook page. Thinking is something anti-vaxxers never do well, but sometimes they’re good for a laugh.