Somebody think of the Acronyms

The Australian Vaccination Network repeatedly lies about the ownership of it’s official Facebook page by claiming that the page is owned by their fans. In order to further push this lie they have now renamed the official Facebook page from “Australian Vaccination Network” to “Fans of the AVN” but they can’t change the username of the page, which is still 

So there is no denying that this is the same page owned by the same cretins. But their choice of name is an interesting one. Because there is more than one organisation going by the acronym A.V.N.

In the absence of “The Australian Vaccination Network” the only AVN on Facebook is Adult Video News, a trade magazine for the porn industry. That’s them in the 3rd and 4th search result on Facebook appearing just below Fans of The AVN.

Adult Video Network

I would like to congratulate Meryl Dorey and her Fans of the AVN and await the inevitable confusion and hilarity that is bound to follow from this poorly planned re-branding of a Facebook page. Thinking is something anti-vaxxers never do well, but sometimes they’re good for a laugh.

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