AVN Seminar to go ahead.

Well it seems the Australian Vaccination Networks anti-vaccination seminar is set to go ahead in Perth. Despite many Skeptics contacting the Library to warn them of the dishonest information that the AVN wishes to push onto parents. The next step to combating the AVN is to contact the Libraries board of directors and notify them of the misinformation that the AVN is going to use it for.

However if all else fails the next step is to attend and report on the seminar, which is exactly what I intend to do on June 1st. I expect many of the attendees will be anti-vaxers but some will be genuinely looking for answers and if skeptics are on hand perhaps we can help to minimise the damage that is caused by the AVNs misinformation. At the very least attending the seminar will provide an insight into the way the AVN operates.

Subject: FW: Upcoming Seminar
From: “Margaret Allen”
Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 16:40:24 +0800
To: Dan@danscomp.net

Dear Mr Buzzard,

The State Library of Western Australia provides facilities and services
to the community of Western Australia as a whole; inevitably from time
to time this may include interest groups with views that some may find

The State Library does not make any judgment about individuals, groups
or organizations, unless there is a clear breach of law, policies or
procedures, in which case we may act to exclude clients.

I acknowledge your opposition to the Australian Vaccination Network but
this does not provide grounds for the State Library to exclude this
group from using a public facility for lawful means.

Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention.

Margaret Allen
Chief Executive Officer and State Librarian
E: margaret.allen@slwa.wa.gov.au
T: +61 8 94273328
F: +61 8 94273336

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From: Dan Buzzard [mailto:Dan@danscomp.net]
Sent: Monday, 24 May 2010 16:03
To: Margaret Allen
Cc: meryl@avn.org.au
Subject: Upcoming Seminar

Dear Margaret,

I have concerns regarding the upcoming seminar on vaccination that is
being presented by the Australian “Vaccination” Network, who despite
their name are in fact opposed to the use of vaccination. They also
engage in the spreading of misinformation in an attempt to stop parents
from having their children vaccinated. Information is always important
but when people such as Meryl Dorey and her organization set out to
spread misinformation lives are put at risk.

As a place of information and learning I believe the State Library
should make some serious reconsiderations about providing a venue for
The Australian Vaccination Network. As a Librarian you will of course
understand the importance of evaluating information from reliable
sources. I ask that the Library look into the claims being made by the
AVN and evaluate that information against credible academic journals
then I am sure you will see the AVN and dishonest information they wish
to spread.

Best Regards,
~Dan Buzzard


One thought on “AVN Seminar to go ahead.

  1. DistroMan

    I emailed the WA Attorney General. The response as much as said I’d have to investigate and provide evidence before they would care enough to do anything. They really care about their kids over there. NOT.


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