Chris Savage sentencing delayed

The sentencing of notorious Anti-vaccination Health Menace Chris Savage has been postphoned until the 4th of November.

A judge has declined to sentence an Australian policeman-turned-backstreet medical advisor without more information on the man who in Hastings on Monday admitted a charge of criminal nuisance involving alternative treatment for a Hawke’s Bay diabetic.

Back in the Hastings District Court today, Judge Tony Adeane further remanded 53-year-old former Queensland police officer Christopher William Savage for sentencing on November 4, saying it could not go ahead without a full probation report an Savage, now a campaigner against vaccination. New Zealand Herald

The judge declined immediate sentencing because he wants to understand Mr Savages beliefs and intentions. Given that Chris Savage has previously asked if Medical Workers should be shot for administering vaccines. I fully agree with the judges decision to learn more. about him.

On his own website Savage even admits to fleeing Indonesian Authorities after targeting children with his unlicensed, unproven and dangerous treatments.

I got my second taste of Rockefeller medical tyranny courtesy of the Australian skeptic
marxists due to the Indonesianu government being informed. I had to leave Bali or face 5 years in an Indonesion prison. A cat and mouse situation then ensued to avoid the
authorities and safely leave Bali. –Chris Savage

Savage is also unable to return to Australia because he is a wanted man here as well.


The website Chris Savage posted to Facebook is his online store where he continues continues to sell the same phoney medicine that has resulted in him fleeing two countries and being arrested in a third.

The Cancer Society is outraged a man on bail for allegedly administering an intravenous “treatment” that left a diabetes sufferer in hospital has been able to set up a website selling products he claims cure cancer.

Australian Chris Savage faces an assault charge after injecting a Hawke’s Bay diabetes patient with a magnesium treatment he allegedly said would cure the condition in April.

Savage was arrested the following month and has been living in Auckland on bail.

Chris Savage clearly has no intention to stop. His current technique is to set up shop, then flee to another country when the authorities come knocking. Considering his tendency to flee the law and continue his business without remorse I am hopeful that the judge will be more inclined to issue a custodial sentence. The fact that he’s been remanded in custody is a promising sign in itself.

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