Do Christians think life is worthless without god?

I’m sure we have all seen this common argument used by Christians to attack Atheists.

Without God in your life, you have nothing to look forward to. Atheism leads to hopelessness and despair. Life for atheists must be depressing and meaningless.

When I was in Melbourne last moth all the Atheist’s seemed very happy; especially in the pub. Hardly anyone attending the convention seemed to think that life was meaningless. In fact this argument would be better applied to a theistic world view. God does not exist so by their own “reasoning” it is their lives as Christians that are worthless and not the lives of the Atheists. Since these people choose to base their lives around the existence of a fictional being; they are the ones who cease to have a purpose when the creature they have devoted their life to is nowhere to be found. So by their own “logic” (not mine) life must be empty and meaningless. 

Now you can start to see how foolish that argument really is.

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