Judging by the emails I continue to receive it seems my absence from the Internet over the past 6 months has not gone un-noticed. It’s true that both this blog and my twitter have been very quiet over the past year and especially the previous 6 months.

Unfortunately I’ve had very little free time to maintain this site recently due to unrelated activities that have simply consumed most of my free time.

This should all change soon. I’m currently considering expanding this blog to include things outside of Pseudo-science. While this blog has never had a definitive topic, pseudo-science became the default as picking fights with frauds and charlatans was the thing that occupied most of my free-time 5 years ago. It’s still a hobby but spending less time on it these days means I have less things to write about.

So expanding the scope of the blog seems like the most sensible solution rather than keeping it quiet. At the moment I’m still deciding if this site should host two blogs, one for skepticism/pseudo-science (current blog) and one for other interests or just keep the one blog and separate posts by category (I already do this for ease of navigation). Which ever way it goes I’ll be keeping it all in the one website/domain, nothing that’s currently here will be going away.

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