Homeopathy killed Steve Jobs

The late Steve Jobs was yet another victim of the great medical scam that is Homeopathy. I am left wondering how many more lives must be lost due to this scam. Steve Jobs died of Pancreatic Cancer in October this year after delaying vital surgery in favor of Homeopathy.

ALTERNATIVE medicine is unethical, criminal and likely contributed to the death of Apple boss Steve Jobs, visiting professor Edzard Ernst says.

The world’s first professor of complementary medicine was in Adelaide yesterday to speak at the Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association conference at UniSA.

Famous for causing an uproar when, in July, he labelled Prince Charles a “snake oil salesman” for his dandelion and detox remedy, Professor Ernst yesterday spoke of the dangers of unproven complementary medicine.

“They mislead people to the point of being quite dangerous, all of this is idiotic rubbish,” he said, calling for more rigorous testing of claims. Perth Now

Homeopathy is not supported by empirical evidence, yet it’s proponents continue to promote and sell it in order to turn a profit. Homeopathy is not medicine and should never be used to treat cancer or any other ailment. If you watch just one news segment this year make it this one:

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