How can anti-vaxers possibly justify themselves?

How can the anti-vaccine movement possible justify their desire to leave Children vulnerable to disease?

The anti-vaxers have been spreading misinformation about vaccines for years now in order to fulfill their own agenda of abolishing vaccinations; now some real harm has been done.

MONDAY, March 22 (HealthDay News) — What began as a family trip to Switzerland in 2008 ended up as a public health nightmare in California.

The family’s 7-year-old boy, who was intentionally unvaccinated against measles, was exposed to the virus while traveling in Europe. When he returned home to San Diego, he unknowingly exposed a total of 839 people, and an additional 11 unvaccinated children contracted the disease.

Three of those infected were babies, too young to have yet received the measles vaccines, and one of the babies was hospitalized for three days with a 106-degree fever, according to a report to be published in the April issue of Pediatrics. HealthDay News

The development of vaccines is one of the greatest achievements in modern medicine, yet Anti-Vaxers continue to spread misinformation based on unsupported claims. Many claim that people should stick to Natural Remedies; which I wont dignify by calling medicine. They make the false claim that Natural = Good, well I can think of lots of natural things that are bad for you, Heroin, Poison Ivy, a pack of hungry Wolves ect…

The Anti-vaxers are so dishonest that they even claim that Vaccines are ineffective, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

So what possible justification do these people have for spreading harmful misinformation, are they just sick in the head, do they enjoy the suffering; or is there another motive? 

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