Jim Wallace, Gay Marriage, Islam & ANZACs

Jim Wallace, head of The Australian Christian Lobby uses ANZAC day to spread Christian ideology. Apparently Jim feels that it’s appropriate to claim that the ANZACs didn’t fight for either Gay Marriage or Islam.

What the ANZACs fought to defend was our freedom and culture. Although our culture is tolerant of Islam and supports an individuals right to hold such beliefs it does not embrace all Islamic values, especially when those values come into conflict with our own. But a big part of the freedoms that our culture and society does embrace is the idea that people have the right to choose their own partner. Unlike many religious values a gay marriage does not conflict with anyone else’s rights and freedoms.

I don’t personally support gay marriage; I just don’t have any objection to it. In the same way I also don’t support any sports but I certainly wouldn’t object to anyone else wanting to play, watch or otherwise enjoy them. What I do object to however is assholes like Jim Wallace who think they have a right to interfere with other peoples choices when that choice doesn’t affect them or anyone else.

The day that Jim Wallace or anyone else can present me with evidence that a same-sex marriage is impinging on the rights and freedoms of others is the day that I will oppose it. Until then I have no objection.

2 thoughts on “Jim Wallace, Gay Marriage, Islam & ANZACs

  1. Renée

    Agreed, Jim Wallace is a total wackaloon.
    I am curious why you don't support gay marriage? I am not aware of any arguments against that aren't religion based.

  2. Dan Buzzard

    I don't see any legitimate arguments against gay marriage. However I don't support it for the same reason I don't support millions of other things. That doesn't mean I'm against it.

    To 'support' something you need to be active in your support. Not just allowing it to pass without objection. Although it occurs to me now that since I object to people like Jim Wallace trying to interfere with other peoples right to marriage that I could probably be counted as pseudo-supporter.


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