Meryl Dorey admits she doesn't fear threatening phone calls.

Yesterday Meryl Dorey, founder and immediate past president of the Australian Vaccination Network was the guest on a podcast called Blog Talk Radio. Because no mainstream form of media will go near her.

During the episode Dorey repeated the same nonsense we’re used to, Government is corrupt, Anti-vaxxers are being persecuted like the Jews in the Holocaust. Generally stuff I wouldn’t recommend people waste their time listening to. However there were two new things that Ms Dorey said that she hasn’t previously disclosed publicly.

1. Dorey admitted that anyone who’s a member of the AVN is obviously opposed to vaccination. While we already knew this it’s alway good to have an official confirmation.

2. Dorey admitted that she isn’t bothered by people making threatening phone calls.

I have transcribed the audio as best I could:

Christian scientists are automatically exempt from any vaccination regulation. Um and when the conscientious objection clause came in we said well anyone who’s a member of the AVN should also be exempt, because by being a member they’re obviously objecting to vaccination on a conscientious level if not a scientific level. -Meryl Dorey; 28 Minutes 10 Seconds.

What’s happening now with the threats. I receive threats constantly. I’m used to it now, I got a call the other night from someone who’s using a voice synthesiser saying “You F-ing you know what, you should just die, please die” and I hung up the phone and I thought oh just another one. The fact that these things are happening is a sign that we are having the right effect. -Meryl Dorey; 42 Minutes 53 Seconds.

So Meryl Dorey freely admits that threatening phone calls don’t bother her? Why then did she initiate legal proceeding against someone she claims (and still hasn’t proven) made threatening calls to her home?

She also took out an AVO against Daniel Raffaele, who helped start the Stop the Australian Vaccination Network group, claiming he made threatening calls to her. Mr Raffaele, who denied making any threatening calls, said he eventually agreed to the order because he was “sick of dealing with it”, although he made sure her “gag order” was struck out. The Daily Telegraph

Why did her husband Ken Dorey make a statement to the court about another critic of Ms Dorey stating that: 

Because of Bowditch and others, we live in a constant atmosphere of stress and fear. We have removed our letterbox and street numbers. We sleep with batons beside our bed and do not answer phone calls from undisclosed numbers. 

Ms Dorey has been playing the victims card for years now. So it’s quite refreshing to finally see an admission of no fear.

The podcast episode can be found here.

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