Meryl Dorey encourages spamming of NSW MPs

Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network has posted a new blog article asking her followers to bombard New South Wales members of parliament with emails. She has even created an easy copy/paste list in a Microsoft Word document to facilitate this form of mass harassment.

In addition to making this appointment, please continue to write to NSW parliamentarians with your views on this issue. I have already posted some of your letters here and will be posting more of them today if time allows. Here is a list – email list-nsw parliament – containing the email addresses of all NSW members of parliament. Thank you to our wonderful members for putting these emails into an easy-to-use format for us. You can copy and paste these into your email program (please use the BCC field if possible) in one go and your letter will automatically be sent to all of them. Remember, tell your own story in your own words if possible but if not, feel free to copy from any of the letters which have been uploaded onto our blog.

As stated the emails really are in a copy/paste ready format. I won’t make the full document available here as doing so would simply be providing a tool for spammers and other douchebags, this screenshot is sufficient demonstration.

Source document available on request.

There are 109 email addresses in total.

This is not the first time the Australian Vaccination Network has gone on an email harassment campaign. This type of abuse is a large part of the organisation operational procedure.

When provoked, Australian Vaccination Network’s fellow travellers can and do behave reprehensibly. The police have been called to my office on one occasion following threatening emails after I raised concerns about the practices of the Australian Vaccination Network. Dr Andrew McDonald, NSW Parliament Transcript, Page 58

I could just about write a book on how the Australian Vaccination Network, in particular Ms Dorey has encourage the harassment and abuse of anyone who speaks out against them. In fact I probably will at some point in the future.

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