Meryl Dorey has a new kook!

It looks like that public health menace Meryl Dorey of the Australia Vaccination Network has found a new loon to worship on twitter. His name is Dr. Leo Rebello (@DrLeoRebello) and he’s quite the kook. He bills himself as a “Holistic Health Guru. [sic]” which lends severe doubts about his credentials. Meryl has been retweeting some of his nutty twitter comments.

Comments Meryl retweeted.

Of course he doesn’t supply any reference for his claims; so Meryl and Leo have something in common there. I have long learned that kooks don’t like evidence because it all too often conflicts with their ideologies. However Dr Rebello is even more loopy than Meryl and makes her look like Einstein by comparison. Here’s some more of his wisdom.

Comments too nutty even for Meryl.

I especially like the “VacciNAZIS” but of course no anti-vaxxer is complete without some child rape. Well a comparison between child rape and vaccination that is. They can leave the actual rape for the Catholic Church.

Catholics and Anti-Vaxxers rejoice.

At the start of the year Meryl Dorey claimed that an Australian court had ordered the rape of a child. “Court orders rape of a child. Think this is an exaggeration? Think again. This is assault without consent and with full penetration too. [sic]” In the minds of both Dr Leo Rebello and Meryl Dorey giving a child life saving medicine the the equivalent of rape. I honestly believe that some people; especially those who oppose life saving vaccination are simply beyond reason.

4 thoughts on “Meryl Dorey has a new kook!

  1. anarchic teapot

    I thought he might be a satire at first, given the OTT nature of his tweets. Also, he only follows Dr Oz. His profile shows photos of him (or somebody who might be him in a bad light) next to Mother Theresa, the Pope and some guru.

    Mmm, might be delusional then.

    Then I tried the website You have to see it to believe it. I'm still recovering from the post on toothpaste.

  2. Jason

    My favourite bit of Rebello's homepage?

    "Some well-meaning friends have commented that I am too sharp. I should be more diplomatic. To them I say, I cannot be otherwise, because my name is Leo (Lion), my family name is Rebello, which has rebellion in it and my sun sign is Aries, which is fire."


    In other news, I've just changed my name by deed poll to "LOLs At Antivax Lunatics McGonnagle"

  3. Ilijas

    Rebello's toothpaste preparation:

    a) Take finely powdered salt, mix it with powdered charcoal and clean your teeth with your fingers. Even tobacco stains go with that. As against tooth brush which damage the gums, your finger strengthens the gums with massaging.

    And here I was flossing my teeth with used teabags.

  4. Trevor

    Given that Meryl Dorey retweeted his comments regarding rape and vaccine; it goes to show how hollow her apologies were following her own comments drawing an analogy between the two.


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