Meryl Dorey likens health advocates to Charlie Hebdo gunmen.

Today Meryl Dorey, the founder of the nations most discredited sham organisation; The Australian Vaccination Network spoke on public radio the accuse her critics of being terrorists.

From 2 Minutes and 25 seconds the following exchange takes place on public radio.

Meryl Dorey: Now the organisation that is headlining, or pushing… um… this censorship that’s all I can call it. Um They are a hate group called Stop the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network and they are very much like the group in France that has been carrying out these actions .

Sally Cockburn (interrupting): No that’s unfair Meryl they’re not threatening to kill anyone.

Meryl Dorey: Well members of this group have actually gone on Twitter and said “I will contribute to a fund to hire a hitman to get this person” and they have done that. 

 This is a audio recording only, that’s why the video is blank.

While I’m disappointed to see Dorey being given air time on 3AW Drive it did at least give her the opportunity to remind the public that she’s a complete lunatic.

If you’re an anti-vaxxer reading this you can report SAVN, and myself to the national security hotline at the following numbers.

Call: 1800 1234 00 
From outside Australia: (+61) 1300 1234 01

MMS: 0429 771 822
TTY: 1800 234 889

Because promoting public health is the same as shooting up a building?

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