QLD Health issues a warning about fake vaccinations.

The Queensland Department of Health has issued a warning about fake Homeopathic Vaccinations on Facebook. Of course all Homeopathy is fake, but it’s good to see the government acknowledge it from time to time.

‘Fake’ homeopathic immunisations misleading parents trying to do the right thing

Chief Health Officer has warned parents to beware of ‘fake’ immunisations.

Queensland parents are being warned of the risks surrounding so-called homeopathic vaccinations.

The State’s Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeannette Young, said she was issuing the warning after becoming aware of a child whose parents reported she had been protected by “homeopathic” immunisation. 

Dr Young said in scientific terms the notion of homeopathic vaccinations was nonsense.

“The Department of Health becomes aware of this as an issue from time to time,’’ she said.

“It is really frustrating to see cases where parents think they are doing the right thing by their child and, in fact, they’re not protecting them at all.

“We’ve recently been told by a doctor of a parent who reported their child had received homeopathic vaccinations from a homeopath, believing this was an acceptable alternative to mainstream immunisation.

“This is totally wrong and the whole science behind homeoprophylaxis, or homeopathic immunisation, is incorrect.

“Anyone offering remedies in place of standard vaccinations is dangerously misleading parents into believing their child is protected against serious diseases. 

“Homeopathic vaccinations are no substitutes for standard vaccination.

“Such so-called vaccinations are a serious breach of trust and should not be tolerated from a health care provider.’’

Dr Young said immunisation was considered one of the most important achievements of modern medicine and had saved millions of lives worldwide.

“Immunisation underpins a healthy community and is a core responsibility of the healthcare sector,’’ she said.

“The immunisation program remains extremely important and highly effective at preventing serious and life-threatening infectious diseases.

“Thanks to the immunisation program, diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, measles, influenza Type B, meningococcal C, and polio do not occur or occur rarely in Queensland.

“Always talk to your GP or immunisation provider if you have any concerns as there is a lot of information readily available for parents on the importance and value of immunisation.’’ Queensland Health, Facebook.

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