SAVN and the Taliban united.

What’ is the difference between Skeptics and the Taliban? Because Meryl Dorey, founder of the Australian Vaccination Network wants to know.

That;s because they are NOT normal. Anyone who is even a little bit in touch with reality does not abuse others simply because of differing opinions. Tell me – how do the skeptics and SAVN members differ in any way from the Taliban or any other religious fanatics? They have started a Fatwa against anyone who questions vaccination – even those whose own family members have been injured or killed by shots. They have no compassion for the pain of others and many of them are paid trolls working for the benefits of Big Pharma (you need only look at the number of hours they spend writing on various online forums to see that). 

SAVN are the REAL Australian terrorists and if the law were in any way just, they would have been cited and charged with the crimes of harassment, abuse and threats – all of which are illegal according to Australian Federal and State statutes – years ago.

-Meryl Dorey, 12 August 2013

Meryl Dorey is well known for making absurd comparisons. Just like the time;

Meryl Dorey accuses a family court of raping a child.

Accuses a mobile health service of abducting children.

Likens herself to the suffering of the Jews in the Holocaust.

Encourages followers to join a fake church. (Although one could argue that ALL churches are fake)

Is complicit in the abuse of greiving families.

There is more absurd accusations to come, but for legal reasons they will only be made public after the 22nd of August 2013.

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