The strange email.

Meryl Dorey has launched a fresh round of baseless accusations against her critics. A few days ago I received an email via from someone claiming to be anonymous. Offering to “fuckup those cunts cyber style” referring to the Australian Vaccination Network. Normally when I receive emails like this I decline the offer and delete the email. This time was no different.

—–Original Message—–
From: Dan Buzzard
Sent: Tuesday, 25 September 2012 8:17 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: RE: meryl dorey


While I appreciate your desire to stop these low lives I could never support the actions you propose.

Shutting down the AVN requires us to keep our footing firmly planted on the moral high ground, so I must decline your offer to “fuckup those cunts cyber style”.

Have a nice day.


—–Original Message—–

From: []

Sent: Tuesday, 25 September 2012 8:02 AM


Subject: meryl dorey

nice collection of docs. want me to fuckup those cunts cyber style?

they wont know what hit ’em. i can hack their website with sql injection too. plaster it with all sorts. they lose audiance who are offended by wat i post. its how we operate. i could also organize one of our many botnets to take em down with ddos.

just ask if you need help

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

I thought nothing more of the email until an hour later when I spotted a post on the AVN Facebook wall complaining about a threat they’d received from a user. I notice the signature is exactly the same as the email I received. So perhaps it came from the same person. So I made the email public as I don’t support such activities regardless of who they target.

Of course Meryl Dorey in her infinite wisdom has decided to blame me for it. This seems to be a hobby of hers.

Who is the real perpetrator?
Dan Buzzard, one of the SAVN members I am currently pursuing an AVO against because of his incitement to others to send violent pornographic images to me (do you see a pattern here?) and his constant threats and cyberbullying, has been very active on a forum frequented by those who say they are associated with the hacker group, Anonymous. Remember, the person who sent me these threats and who posted the pornography claims to be a member of Anonymous. Meryl Dorey

Actually I have never incited anyone to send pornography to Meryl or anyone else. Nor have I ever issued a threat of physical harm to anyone. Meryl’s issue with me revolves around several complaints that I’ve lodged with government departments. Of course that would make her look bad so she feels compelled to make up lies which sound better.

I’m not 100% sure what forum she’s talking about but it might be in which case her definition of “very active” would be 5 posts in 4 years. Not to mention the fact that it isn’t a hacker forum as she claims. In fact I am frequently opposed to Anonymous “Hackivists” as anyone who checks my older posts would find out. However not to be deterred by facts Meryl continues:

But back to Dan Buzzard. As I said, he was involved with inciting hatred against myself and the AVN on a forum comprised of known hackers. Is it any wonder then that about an hour before I received my email (quoted above), the same person wrote to Dan Buzzard (please see below)

Buzzard must have been pretty concerned about being contacted by this nut-job. This probably was not the outcome he expected because he posted the person’s letter (and his response to them) on his website and claimed that he felt it was his ethical duty to do so. Meryl Dorey

When some coward is using the internet to issue an anonymous death threat, disclosure of correspondence is the right step to take. Of course I’m not surprised that Meryl cannot recognise ethical behaviour right in front of her.

Buzzard expects me to believe that this person just selected his email address at random – that he stuck his cyber-finger into an online phone book and lo and behold, Buzzard’s name popped out. But I’m not that naive. Meryl Dorey

Well the email wasn’t specifically addressed to me and if you check the email address you’ll see it was sent to “headreptillian” an email address that currently appears on and is then redirected to me; I am certainly not known by that address. Whether the sender knew (or cared) who would receive the email is another thing. I don’t know how many other people received the same email but choose to remain silent, perhaps to avoid baseless accusations.

I think his posting this information had more to do with his fear of being implicated in this crime then it did with any ethics or caring about what happened to someone who he considers to be an ‘anti-vax liar’ as he so often likes to refer to me. But he IS implicated and so are his compatriots. Meryl Dorey

Actually if I were concerned I wouldn’t publish it. I find this all very suspicious as the email seems to be a little too convenient for Meryl and the AVN. Is it possible that someone from within the AVN sent the email as bait to see if I would write an incriminating reply? Clearly any such plan failed as it suggests actions that I frequently oppose. While I can’t prove the source of the anonymous email its nature and convenient timing makes me very suspicious of its origin and purpose. I personally suspect a False Flag operation, but unlike an anti-vaxxer I won’t assert mere suspician as fact without evidence.

One thought on “The strange email.

  1. David N. Brown

    One angle I think warrants looking into is whether at least some of these threats originate from outside Australia. This occurred to me on reading (from an American "anti-vax" crank) that one of the reported images involves sexual violence by a black man against the body of a white woman. Sensational portrayals of black men violating white women are a recurring blot in the US cultural landscape, and clearly reflect underlying anxieties over segregation and interracial marriage. By any appraisal, this cultural baggage does not translate to Australia, therefore the simplest explanation is that the image was sent by an American. (From my admittedly limited reading on Aboriginal history, if anything, interracial marriage in Australia was officially promoted and used inequitably against the "black" population.) It seems quite possible that the image was really just randomly-delivered spam for some torture-porn site.


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