The world is not a Pick'N'Mix

One of the things that really annoys me about Creationists is their dishonesty; even to their own faith. The other is their Pick’N’Mix approach to Science.

Defying Gods will

Christians believe that everything that happens is a part of Gods divine plan; but they only believe this so long as it is to their own benefit. As soon as they get sick they goto the Doctor or Hospital to obtain some science based medicine, the same science whos process they attack and disrupt at any opportunity and not only are they turning to something they so rigorously deny but they are also defying their god.If gods wants them to be sick and die a slow painful death then isn’t that exactly what they should do? If they are going to die then that is gods wish; according to their own philosophy but many of them are quick to defy the wish of their god as soon as this inconvenience arrives. So much for obeying the will of god.


Intellectual Dishonesty

It is no secret that Science and Religion are not compatible, which is why creationist’s reject it. Science must be rejected in order to preserve creationist belief because it highlights the complete fallacy of those beliefs. But they will only reject Science when it suits them for example Churches and their followers have no problem using modern technology which would not exist without the advancement of modern Science. Television, Radio, Cars, The Internet all this things came from Science and yet religious people happily use them sometimes even to attack the Science which developed them, religious stupidity clearly know no bounds.

Our knowledge of the universe is expanding all the time and God simply has no place in it. We once thought the Earth was flat, now we know it is round. We once thought the Earth was the centre of the universe, now we know we are not even the centre of our own galaxy. We once thought the Earth was a few thousand years old, now we know it is 4.55 Billion years old within a 1% margin of error and the Universe is 13.75 Billion years old with a possible error margin of 0.17 Billion years either side. Our knowledge keeps on expanding and creationists whether Christian or otherwise accept most of this new knowledge upto the point where it disproves or conflicts with their beliefs then they throw a tantrum and reject it.


No Pick’N’Mix

The choice between Science and Bullshit is clear; both are incompatible with each other and you cannot simply pick and choose the pieces of science that you do like and reject the pieces that you don’t. The world is not a pick and mix. If you embrace Science that’s fine and rejecting it is also fine however you cannot do both simultaneously. I am not talking about legitimate scrutiny, because that is the strength of science I am talking about out right rejection of the Scientific method. A popular hobby in the Creationist camp.

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