Why are disasters used as a promotion for god?

Why do creationists insist that every disaster is proof of gods existence?

Right now in Haiti Christians are rushing in to spread the gospel to the Haitian people with solar powered bibles. But how is this a positive promotion for God. If anything I would expect disasters like this to turn the deluded masses against god rather than towards him. Patt Robertson is even claiming that the people of Haiti where punished by god for their sinful ways. However this is not the consensus of most Christians who believe God is there to help. My question is “Where was he earlier?” surely an all powerful being capable of being everywhere at once would not have simply gone out on other errands. 

This promotion for god is not a new phenomena Christians have been doing it for years, every time there is a disaster the God Squad is there to promote “God’s Love” without recognising his obvious absence and reluctance to answer prayers. 

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