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Introducing dangerous fraud Monika Milka.

Monika Milka is a fraud operating in South Australia she sells fake medicines to vulnerable unsuspecting people. However Monika is a little different to most homeopaths because instead of her remedies having zero effect like traditional homeopathy, some of Monika's fake medicines are actually doing some direct harm. The harm of Homeopathy normally comes from homeopaths persuading their victim to give up real medicine in favor of witchcraft.

Of course now her victims are suing her for the damage she has done.. 

AN alternative therapist is being sued by nine people who say they were injected with a bacteria.

Tindall Gask Bentley lawyer Mal Byrne said his firm had settled five claims, with nine still pending. The victims were allegedly infected with the bacteria, mycobacterium chelonae, in 2008.

They claim homeopathy practitioner Monika Milka infected them while performing biomesotherapy - designed to cure conditions from headaches to injuries. -Adelade Now

In addition to being sued Monika Milka is also mentioned [page 42] in a report entitled "Inquiry into Bogus, Unregistered and Deregistered Health Practitioners" by the Parliament of South Australia. I personally like their use of the term "Bogus" it shows they are not afraid to label fake medicine for what it really is.

The document reads. (I decided to copy/paste this report so that Google may find it better.)


The Inquiry received one written complaint about Ms Monica Milka. It alleged that Ms
Milka had:
  • claimed that she was able to cure cancer, and
  • failed to provide receipts for payment provided.


Letter of Complaint: Example 1

"In 2005, my husband, Ross, was diagnosed with cancer of the bile ducts. After surgery and various courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments failed to halt the diseases, my husband sought the help of Monica Milka who did ‘alternative therapies’. Monika assured my husband that she could cure him and commenced treating him with all types of sprays, medicines and injections. The many injections she gave to his stomach were to ‘kill the worms’ that were causing the problem but in fact left him very sore. She also took photos of his eyes and then showed him those supposed images on a computer screen, pointing out the ‘areas of improvement’ and telling him how well he was doing. Ross paid Monica over $500 per week. Initially he paid by visa card so received a receipt for this payment but later on he began to pay cash and no longer received any receipts."

Written submission: Ms VWright


In addition to this complaint, in the course of its Inquiry, the Committee became aware of an investigation undertaken by the Department of Health into treatment known as ‘mesotherapy.’ This treatment includes injecting minute quantities of various substances and saline under the skin to ‘target’ fat cells and reduce cellulite. According to the Department, instances of this treatment were provided by ‘Monika’s Entity’, an alternative therapist operating in Gawler, South Australia, and who the Committee understands is Ms Milka. Cases investigated by the Department were linked to skin abscesses affecting at least six people who had undergone treatment at the premises of ‘Monika’s Entity’. One patient was confirmed as having a mycobacterial infection which the Department noted is a particularly difficult condition to treat.

Under the provisions contained in the Public and Environmental Health Act 1987, the Department of Health seized samples and equipment from the premises and ordered that the procedure no longer be undertaken by the therapist at the centre of its investigation

Concerned that this potentially dangerous treatment would continue to be undertaken, the Committee wrote to the Department asking how the public will be protected from this practitioner administering this treatment in the future. In reply, the Department advised the Committee that it would ‘continue to monitor and enforce the standards required under the Public and Environmental Health Act 1987.

-Parliamentary Inquiry; Page 42

Although I didn't write any of that report, I have learned that charlatans prefer to blame me for the actions of Government Investigators. However what I will write in response to this report is that Monika Milka is a dishonest fraud selling bogus medicine. I'm sure anyone looking into her remedies will draw the same opinion. This woman has already harmed people and she needs to be stopped.

Today Tonight has even done an episode starring Monika Milka. 

Reader Comments (12)

Dan the man...what a hero...you have no idea what happened & today tonight are a joke...you are an idiot that is paid by bigpharma...& an insult to human nature...if you knew the truth you would not be publishing this shite...you nor today tonight have never talked to me & only gone on the information which is all purely to debunk homeopathy & your day will come for the defamation you have caused...this is world wide & even if you do remove I & my lawyers have several copies...so I hope you are financial, coz' you are going to find out all your just deserves...I have actually had patients that have died because their gullible parents have been coerced by your rants & raves about me & which you have no idea about...so soon you will see what it is like to be wearing the shoe on the other foot & lets see how much big pharma comes to your rescue...I am just hoping they paid you enough to compensate...my bet is they are going to feed you to the lions & wipe their hands of you. I even have the item numbers that proove the contaminant was administered by another...yet 4-5years ago I was devastated...& in shock...but because of homeopathy I have become much wiser & stronger...lets hope you can say the same...hopefully the karma police are already sorting you out, you miserable piece of shite...might pay to get your facts right next time instead of just cashing in on someone elses demise...when it was all a calculated assumption...thinking I was going to crawl in a hole & die...which I may add I nearly did...which no doubt makes a miserable person like you happy...but however losing my brother to an infection caused by a hospital visit & being contaminated by their filth & y mother, has only given me more strength...obviously, they can help & work their magik, through the universe muchbetter now than ever before...& hey Karma is a bitch...which if you haven't already found out by now , you will...! very soon...pay to get your facts right next time...up for that chat, debate or simply some truths if you are...!

February 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMonika Milka

& on that bogus "Inquiry into Bogus, Unregistered and Deregistered Health Practitioners" by the Parliament of South Australia. I personally like their use of the term "Bogus" it shows they are not afraid to label fake medicine for what it really is. ...I would be asking Julie Michelmore...who is akin with the lady who made the report...about her tontine pillows & how she buys them on "special"...& gets paid large amounts of monies, from so called "loved" ones...for doing the loving deed...now there is a story...you should be following...just do some research into her accounts & her dying patients...she started all this because of unethical practices in the first place...& on being reported to her association, for the unethical practices , took revenge to a degree of harming myself as I was the one exposing her...yet only to her association. Afterall , I did not want every Naturopath to suffer for her bad tactics & protocol...so you see you still do not have the facts on this Bogus report, which my lawyers did deal with & obviously Parliament being part of the government & ultimateluy bigpharma once again...& being their puppets, before the welfare of the people, which is a shame & the biggest bogus & fraudelent tactics are all played out by the ones we trust the most...our own government.,..now that would also be a story if you had the balls to take it on...which obviously you dont have...after all if you are going to do any reporting you should really get to the facts & have a real story...& placing tontine pillows over the sick & dying heads just to rid them a little quicker for the beloved wife's sake , to me would be a very nice story...human nature...pretty disgusting hey...bad luck I know where he buried his money too...which is what he was paying me with just so his wife knew even less than she did...& for the record...the first consult treatment & products did amount to $500.00 however after that was only $150.00 & I even have the orion testing charts with the proof how good he was going on my tonics...its the internet drugs Julie was told not to order & yet did with the wifeys consent that did not agree & hasten his demise...& she charged $1000.00 a bottle of two products he did not need nor agreed with him...& she ordered it from the internet, not even anyone qualified to prescribe them nor knew his history...so you should of talked to me first for a real story...so you all have to live with this...yes julie & val & you...pieces of shite...I hope Ross haunts you for the rest of your lives...coz' trust me he was not happy with alll of you , when he made his last visit...& confessed it all...& still I am not telling you where the money is he kept hidden from you all...lol...oh its great knowing all those dollars are forever hidden... maybe one day I will go & indulge, but hey I am in no hurry...time is on my side...<3

February 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMonika Milka

I see Vicky Pollard found your blog too, Dan.

February 22, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterreasonablehank

Monika, if there was such a thing as karma you'd be the first to get bitten.

February 23, 2013 | Registered CommenterDan Buzzard

To sue someone for defamation they would have to be spreading false harmful information. You cannot sue someone for telling the truth. Karma will get you, as will the legal system if you show your face there since you are already being sued for your actions. That is public record and will remain so regardless of the outcome, even if you lie your way out or pay off the courts. You should never tell a client not to go to their GP or stop taking their verifiable life saving medication. That is evil.

August 22, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRandom Reader

Well done, Monika. You've been exposed! What do you do?

A) Admit your fraudulence and find another racket


B) Redirect blame and stay the course.

August 22, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMitch Workman

I wonder just how much deeper the hole she dug for herself just got with those replies...
I'd be keeping records of this page, the comments and her ip, just in case someone our the government needs them.

August 22, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterTiago Neto

BE WARNED she is on Facebook today, posting stuff about making bomb threats, serious issues this person....KARMA will get you I hope.

August 24, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRandom Reader

I read today in the Advertiser that Monika was soliciting money on her Facebook page to further a cure for cancer via homeopathy. She posted her own bank details. It wouldn't be unreasonable to suggest that not only is she a charlatan, but she has some serious mental health issues that she should address post haste.

Monika has been reported to Scanwatch.

She is cactus.

February 29, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterEmm

Truth is not a complete defense in defamation, unfortunately.

February 29, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterTim

The Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner has made orders regarding this bogus health practitioner. Check out the orders on the commission's website.

March 2, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBen

She has now been prohibited from making claims that she can cure cancer and other illnesses by the Health & Community Services Comissioner. See the public notice issued by the H&CSCC on its website.

Poor Monika! What will she do now to earn a buck ? I guess that is why she is begging people to donate money into her bank account. Also, she'll have to stick to making claims of curing illnesses in animals. But I wonder what the Veterinary Surgeons Board will say about that?

March 5, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBen

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