Anti-vaccination thugs attack vaccine information evening.

Death threats, stalking, harassment and general abuse are a few of the anti-vaccination movements favourite tools. Some of which include threatening politicians, Vilifying Parents who lose a child to vaccine preventable disease, Advocating Murder, Tearing Down posters at hospitals, Bullying Doctors and Threatening to Bomb Venues. (This is not a comprehensive list.)

So it comes as no surprise that Anti-vaccination campaigners would target the Telethon Kids Institute on Monday night where a public forum on vaccination was being held.

A public seminar on immunisation in Perth was forced to close early on Monday night after anti-vaccination activists hijacked the event and called doctors liars.

Organisers of the Telethon Kids Institute event had to stop a question-and-answer session after constant interruptions by the protesters.


Professor Carapetis said yesterday he was shocked and disappointed by their behaviour, which he described as disrespectful and intimidating.

“We knew there would be people from the anti-vaccine lobby because we’ve had them before, but this was a very orchestrated way for them to completely disrupt the meeting,” he said. “We wanted to be able to put up the evidence and answer people’s questions honestly but we didn’t get a chance.


Professor Carapetis said only two people had the chance to ask legitimate questions and everything else was drowned out. “We went on for as long as we could, which was about half an hour of them yelling and screaming, but speakers were paid such disrespect and everyone else in the audience was intimidated,” he said. The West

I’m not at all surprised that this happened as the anti-vaccination movement has a long and documented history of thuggish behaviour. Medical professionals dedicated to saving human life should not be subjected to such abuse. The public also has the right to receive medical information without having to fear for their personal safety.

One thought on “Anti-vaccination thugs attack vaccine information evening.

  1. Graham

    Interesting, the tactics that the Anti-Vaxxers are using seem to be derived from those being used by alleged progressives in the United States.

    These people quite simply do not want to engage with ‘unbelievers’ for fear that their certitude will be challenged.


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