Anti-vaxxers go on the offensive.

Australian Doctor reports on the latest dirty tricks being employed by anti-vaxxers to make doctors sign ‘Conscientious Objection’ forms.

Anti-vax parents are intensifying their efforts to have conscientious objector forms approved by circulating a document on how to “bully” doctors for their signatures.
Circulating by email and obtained by Australian Doctor, the two-page sheet of “tips” suggests parents warn doctors they will report them to regulators if they show “disrespect” for their anti-vax views.
The document also urges parents to refuse to pay for the consultation if a doctor does not sign. Australian Doctor

The reason that anti-vaxxers are so keen to get these forms signed is due to a government payment called Maternity Immunisation Allowance which is a payment intended for parents who have “Fully Immunised” their children. Except there is a loophole whereby so called “Conscientious Objectors” can still claim the payment even if they can’t be bothered to get their children vaccinated.

The Conscientious Objector Form is all about money. Anti-vaxxers simply want payment for something they haven’t done and are willing to abuse anyone that gets in the way of their undeserved payment. So it comes as no surprise that The Australian Vaccination Network has begun circulating the document to it’s supporters.

Download the original document here.

So Meryl Dorey (As identified by the initials MD) defines abuse as any doctor who disagrees with her on medicine. Despite the fact that she holds no medical training or qualifications herself.

But it gets better. The Australian Vaccination Network also had this to say about medical professionals

Doctors want to be given absolute rights to do and say whatever they wish simply because they are doctors. They want to be respected as a result of their 8 years of pharmaceutically-provided education, yet they do not want to accept responsibility for the fact that people are leaving them in droves for more effective, safer and gentler natural therapies which have been around for hundreds or thousands of years longer than drug-based medicine. People are not stupid – they know what words and what does not and they are tired of being killed and maimed in the name of pharmaceutical profits.

Please read the comments below from the page of the Australian Doctor Weekly regarding why doctors should not sign conscientious objection forms and why parents should lose all of their rights. These are the people our politicians are listening to. These are the true terrorists in our society. Freedom of choice is NOT free. It must be fought for and it must be defended. If we are not prepared to do what is necessary to protect our children, then truly we HAVE lost our way as citizens of a democratic nation. Australian Vaccination Network

Yes the AVN really is upset that the government listens to people with medical qualifications and expertise. Rather than a bunch of crackpot lunatics.

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  1. Kate

    I agree with your argument. Just want to point out that the maternity immunisation allowance has been discontinued by the government (for over 12 months). Not having your children immunised can still stop Child Care benefit payments.

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