Australian Vaccination Network continues to register deceptive names.

The Australian Vaccination Network an anti-vaccination organisation was ordered to change its name more than a year ago to something less deceptive. After delaying compliance for as long as possible they eventually tried to register Australian Vaccination Sceptics Network but thanks to a speedy source I learned of this attempt to adopt a new inappropriate name and registered the name myself as seen in this previous post.

On January 4th the AVN embarked on a childish vendetta and have gone ahead and registered “Australian Vaccination-Sceptics Network” an identical business name to mine. Except they have added a hyphen between the words “Vaccination” and “Sceptic” as a way of exploiting ASICs automated registration process.

Click image to enlarge

As you can see in the image the Australian Vaccination Network has also registered “Australian Skeptics Network” this isn’t the first time that Meryl Dorey has made attempts to steal the name of Australian Skeptics Inc. I wrote about their last attempt here. The battle to force the AVN to comply with the law is ongoing.

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